Colony Name:  Analavia IV
Creator:      James Braun



System/Location:              Analavian system(Blue Medium star);
                              close to the Tellarite home system.
Distance to nearest Starbase: Starbase 17 orbits the colony
Planet Classification:        M-Class
Satellites/Space Stations:    3 small moons, captured asteroids.  All
			      uninhabited.  SB17 is stationed in orbit.

Land/Water Ratio:	      22%/78%.  Landforms consist of a
                              supercontintal mass covering most of the
                              nothern and equatorial regions, and a
                              volcanic archipeligo of 17 islands in the
                              southern region.  Oceans and seas are wide
			      shallow bodies, and most of the supercontinent
                              is marshland.
Climate Controlled:	      No
Native Sentient Life:	      None



Colony Age:		      48 years
Population:		      770 000
Species Present:	      Tellarite 78%
			      Ferengi   16%
			      Cardassian 5%
			      Other      1%
Colony Status:		      UFP Protectorate
                              (Leased to Ferengi for 55 years)

Government:		The Ferengi Commerce Authority has set up a
			local lease board to administrate it's interests.
			Liasons from the Federation Council and the
			Tellarite Miners Guild sit on the lease board.

Major Cities/Settlements: Merangh--350 000.

History:		Although surveyed by the Tellarite Mining Guild
			more than 250 years ago, this metals-rich planet
			was left untouched for centuries; most of the
			veins are located under oceans or marshes, making
			extraction difficult and expensive.

			53 years ago, however, the latinum-strapped TMG
			proposed a plan to mine Analavia...going to the
			Ferengi Commerce Authority to get the capital it
			needed.  Under the terms of the contract later
			worked out between the UFP and the FCA, Analavia
			was leased to the Ferengi for a period of 55
			years. Colonists can choose between UFP or
			Ferengi citizenship, and all the profit from the
			development goes back to the Ferengi until the

			48 years ago, the Tellarites broke Earth on the
			tritanium mine at Merangh.  In ten years, Merangh
			became a small city, and a number of smaller
			mines grew up along the western coast of the
			supercontinent.  At this point, the Tellarites
			petitioned the Federation Council to scuttle the
			decreipt SB17 facility in orbit around the
			Tellarite home star, and built a new one over
			Analavia.  The station, which is Federation owned
			and manned, has become a focal point for trade in
			the sector, and has grown to include zero-gravity
			foundries for the formation of particular alloys.

			Although population has risen steadily since the
			colony's inception, the last real immigration
			wave was 30 years ago, when a host of Cardassian 
			refugees fleeing Klingon aggression at home
			settled on the station.  The Analavian operation,
			which was in dire need of skilled workers, turned
			a blind eye to the origins of anyone with mining
			or freighter experience;  there the Cardassians
			found a friendlier home than most within
			Federation borders.

			In recent years, with the steady expansion of the
			mining operations on the supercontinent, the
			Federation has become increasingly concerned
			about the effects on the Analavian ecosystems.
			The Galactic Envirionmental Protection Agency,
			along with the Federation Science Council, have
			leased 15 of the 17 islands of the southern
			archipeligo from the FCA, operating a wildlife
			preserve and field research station.  Due to the
			predominance of ocean life on the planet, the
			Federation has managed to add a clause into the
			FCA lease prohibiting development 320 km off the
			shores of any landmass, and on any islands of the 			archipeligo.

Economy:		Latinum-based.  Tritanium, Latinum, Copper and
			Iron are all mined from the planet.

Tech Level:		Modern.

Culture:		Analavian culture has been predominantly
			Tellarite, although Ferengi traditions have made
			their appearance through holidays, business
			practices, etc.  Race relations have been
			remarkably harmonious, most of the citizens have
			been too busy reaping the rewards of successful
			mining ventures to pay much mind to the origins
			of their neighbours and coworkers.

Notes:			Although Analavia IV has so far been a model of
        		joint economic development cooperation between
			the great powers of the galaxy.  However, as the
			date of handover approaches, Analavia's success
			may jeopardize it's stability.  The FCA has
			already attempted to negotiate an extension of
			the lease period; the TMG has placed a similar
			offer on the table trying to buy out the Ferengi
			claim to the colony.  Neither offer has met
			with any success.

			As Stardate 110312 approaches, tensions are
			increasing among the factions of the lease board,
			and the possibility of violence has not been
			overlooked...although relations between the 
			citizens still appear friendly, reports indicate
			that undercurrents of malice are beginning to
			manifest themselves.  The lines between the
        		Ferengi and the Tellarites are clear, what 
			hasn't been determined(as usual?) is where the
			Cardassians will cast their lot should a fight
			erupt for control of the planet.

                        UPDATE: Stardate 110612

                        Under the watchful escort of the USS Osiris,
                        USS Kingston, USS Singapore and a pair of Ferengi 
                        caravels, the Ferengi component of the lease board
                        left Analavia IV on SD 110405, leaving the 
                        the colony in the hands of the Tellarites and their
                        newly-elected colonial government.  A sizeable
                        Ferengi population remains on the planet and in
                        control of many key spinoff industries, but so far
                        the handover has been a smooth one.