Company Name:  Anchor Holdings, Inc.
Headquarters:  Martian City, Mars, Sol IV
Sectoral Headquarters:  Andor, Tellarus, Beneluxia, Rigel V
Principle Owner/Chairman of the Board:  RADM Horace J. Dalton, esq. (ret)
President/CEO:  RADM Carter J. Crowell, esq. (ret)
Founded (date):  Jan 15, 2176
Founded by:  William T. Dalton
Public?: (Y/n)  Y
Major Shareholders:  

  of Common Stock: Dalton Trusts (39%), Wellington Trusts (9%),
    Ellsworth Holdings (4%), Elsing Trusts (3%), Crowell Farms (3%);

  of Preferred Stock:  Dalton Trusts (65%), Wellington Trusts (5%)
    Ellsworth Holdings (4%), Elsing Trusts (4%), Eggleston 
    Farms (10%), balance held in assorted private portfolios.

Principle business activities:  Mining & Extractive Industries, 
    Chemicals, Metals Fabrication, Shipbuilding, Energy.

Wholly owned subsidiaries (all Martian corporations, save those
holdings incorporated locally to accomodate local content laws):  

   Anchor Mines (Core competentcy; Mines and otherwise extracts
	ore bodies from Sol System asteroid belt, outlying moons.
	Has staked claims to mineral deposits in over thirty 
	planetary systems, forty-seven of which are in production).   

   Anchor Chemicals (Manufacturers and markets industrial chemicals,
	large defense contractor);  

   Anchor Metals  (Manufacturers industrial metals and alloys, large
	defense contractor); 

   Anchor Trading  (Wholly owned export trading company);  

   Anchor Energy Holdings (Newly formed holding company to put all
	of Anchor's energy related holdings under one umbrella.  Does
	turnkey production of energy facilities in Fed colonies and
	protectorates; other projects are wholly owned.  

   Anchor Shipbuilding (Major defense contractor for shipbuilding 
	industries, substantial SF business as well as Fed member
	navies; thirty percent of business is commercial shipbuilding).

   Anchor Engineering Consultants (Consulting firm specializing in 
	energy, mining, and materials engineering.)

Principle Competitors:  AsterMin, Inc.; Chapman Mines.
FY2409 Total Revenue (UFP Credits):  980 Billion Credits
Broker's Notes:  While not the largest of the megacorps, Anchor Holdings 
   is well regarded in financial markets for the low debt/equity ratio, 
   better than average earnings per share, relative insensitivity to 
   business cycles due to diversification and vertical integration.
   Though the founding family never held a controlling interest, effective
   control is accomplished by proxies and the tightly knit community
   in which the major individual investors reside.  The majority of
   the remaining common stock is traded by large institutional investors.
   Share price tends to be prohibitive for prospective individual
   investors, though the stock has split several times.  The stock's
   ADR's are traded on most non-terran Federation exchanges.

Brief description/history:  Anchor Holdings, Inc. was founded on
   Jan 15, 2176 by William T. Dalton, a natural resource lawyer who was
   instrumental in developing the commercial code that governs extractive
   industries in the Sol System.  More a legal scholar than a businessman, 
   he staked a number of claims to the richer and most accessible areas, 
   and left the operation of the business itself to his oldest son.

   Anchor Holdings initially consisted of Anchor Mines, with Anchor
   Trading, Anchor Chemicals and Anchor Metals formed as the company
   began to vertically integrate.  

   As warp flight became economically feasible, Anchor Shipbuilding was
   formed to take advantage of a mushrooming market.  Moreover, Anchor 
   soon branched out beyond the Sol System, following Star Fleet's
   explorations.  A number of Anchor executives have gone on to act
   as advisors to and often serve on industry panels for the UFP Dept.
   of Colonial Affairs.  

   Moreover, Anchor has long enjoyed success in the defense contracting
   business and it is well known among retired non-commissioned Star 
   Fleet personnel that anyone with a technical or security rating and
   an honorable discharge can find employment there.

   Currently, control of the Dalton Trusts (and by extension effective
   leadership of Anchor Holdings) is in the hands of RADM Horace J.
   Dalton, esq., UFPSFJAGC, (ret.).  He has been chairman of the board
   since his grandfather's death in 2389.  In 2407, with the support of
   the board, he appointed RADM Carter J. Crowell, esq., UFPSFIA, (ret.)
   to the office of president and chief executive officer.

   While initially leary, financial markets are now quite enthusiastic
   about Crowell's tenure.  Earnings have stabilized and remain strong,
   with a high upside potential for growth.  The company has consistently
   done an admirable job of balancing reliance on core competencies 
   with the safety of diversification.  The specifics of their matrix
   management model remain a closely guarded corporate secret, but
   business scholars believe it relies upon a tight and detailed 
   system of information management and well-developed control systems.

Additional queries may be submitted to Office of Public Affairs, Anchor
Holdings, Inc., 123 Red Desert Blvd., Martian City, Mars, Sol System.