Official UFPDOCA Submission Template
Colony Name:                    Angaria IV
Creator:                                David Muir



System/Location:                        Hestus System, Delta Quadrant
Distance to Nearest Starbase:
                                        4 Days to Orbital Fort 301, Orbiting
                                        Hestus at the mouth to the Hestus

Planet Classification:          M-Class, 1.01 G
Satellites/Space Stations:      None
Land/Water Ratio:               60% land, 40% water
Climate Controlled:             No
Native Sentient Life:           No



Colony Age (approximate):       35 years
Population (approximate):       28,000
Species Present:                Human
Colony Status:                  UFP Protectorate
Government:                   Democratic Council
Major Cities/Settlements:       Toppus, Capital Village


The Rigel II colony was starting to see the effects of
overcrowding.  Small, independent farmers were being forced
out by large agricultural conglomerates.

Using their meager savings, fifty-odd families embarked on
an exodus to the less-populated Coridan system.  An 
unexplained Warp coil malfunction caused a rift in the 
time-space continuum and flung the hapless colonists into the 
Delta quadrant.  The starship was badly damaged, and they crash 
landed on the nearest class-M planet, Angaria IV (as it was 
dubbed by the new inhabitants).

Approximately 18 years later, the UFP established a wormhole
at a nearby class-I planet called Hestus, thus providing a link
to the Alpha Quadrant.

Economy:                                Almost exclusively agrarian.
Tech Level:                             Modern
Culture:                                Traditional farming culture.
Notes:                          Trade has obviously increased 
                                since the establishment of the
                                wormhole.  Things are changing
                                on Angaria IV.