Colony Name:  Beneluxia
Creator:  Paul Canniff  (compiled by D'Maris Coffman)
[LT Jan van den Broek (KIA), CDT Henryk van den Broek, CW1 Dink
Thorrsson (MIA)]



System/Location:  Alpha Carinae III
Distance to Nearest Starbase:  60LY to SB BETA  
Planet Classification:  Terraformed (functional Class M)  
Satellites/Space Stations:  No natural satellites, numerous 
        geocentric communications and observation satellites,
        several permanent orbital stations, drydock facilities,
        refit platforms.             

Land/Water Ratio:  40/60                     
Climate Controlled:   Yes              
Native Sentient Life:  None                 



Colony Age (approximate):  2201     
Population (approximate):  400 000 000     
Species Present:  95% terran homo sapiens (human), otherwise 
Colony Status: Full  Federation Colony (affiliated w/ European Union)
Consular Officer:  Karl Willem van den Broek, Royal Netherlands Legation
Government:  Parliamentary Democracy                   

Major Cities/Settlements:  Capital: Niewe Haag (New Hague); Regional
        Capital (New Netherlands): New Amsterdam; New Rotterdam; Regional 
        Capital (New Belgium): New Brussels, etc.


Beneluxia is one of the older Terran colonies, one of a number of terraforming 
projects over two centuries ago under the aegis of the European Union.  It is, 
in fact, three colonies:  New Netherlands, New Belgium, and New Luxembourg.  
The capital, Niewe Haag, supports most diplomatic and government functions, 
whereas the regional capitals, New Belgium and New Amsterdam, the two largest 
and most important, serve as commercial centers.  

In political structure, Beneluxia emulates the Swiss system, its 
three constituent members functioning like cantons.  The confederate
structure has worked quite well, proving a deterrent to civil unrest 
or any significant challenge to representational democracy.

Beneluxia is home to the sectoral headquarters of a number of 
influential mining and trading companies, including Billiton Metals 
(division of Royal Dutch Shell), Devlin MacGregor, Anchor Holdings, 
and assorted others.


Latinum based; technosocialist safety net; favorable terms
of trade for offworlders and favorable corporate taxation.

Tech Level:  Modern

Culture:  Cultural influence is primarily that of the Benelux countries,
        Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.  Some presence of Northern
        Europeans (particularly Norwegians and Danes) involved in limited
        fishing and agricultural industries.                      


Beneluxia is by all accounts a shining example of terran colonization.
While a thriving commercial center, the colony also serves to preserve
the cultures of the terran "Benelux" countries.  While Star Fleet 
personnel are welcome to take liberty on Beneluxia, they should be 
aware that local law differs little from that of Terra and is strictly