Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name: New Cannan
Creator: Alton J. Reich 



Distance to Nearest Starbase: Within 20 LY of Earth                   
Planet Classification: Class M                         
Satellites/Space Stations: 2 moons, communications satelites, no major
space stations
Land/Water Ratio: 35% land / 65% water                      
Climate Controlled: No                   
Native Sentient Life: No.  Many native species and some imported from
Earth (most notably dogs).



Colony Age (approximate): 150 yrs.      
Population (approximate): 20 Million      
Species Present: Mostly human with a smattering of common species.   
Colony Status: Federation Member                 
Government: Parlimentary Republic                    
Major Cities/Settlements: New Jericho, and the sprawling cities at the
foot of Mount Rabin and Mount Shamir.

History: New Cannan was settled in the mid-23rd century by Jewish
immigrants from Earth. The colony flourished and grew steadily during
the early years of space exploration.  More recently, its location near
Earth has enabled it to become a center of higher learning and culture
within the Federation.  The government has struggled to keep the sense
of community developed during the colony's founding despite the
pressures to allow the colony to grow rapidly.


Tech Level: Federation Nominal