Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name:                    New Casablanca (Fortis III)
Creator:                        Trevin Sandlin



System/Location:                Fortis-system;
                                Coreward of the Federation
Distance to Nearest Starbase:   6 weeks to SB OMEGA
Planet Classification:          M-Class        
Satellites/Space Stations:      None

Land/Water Ratio:               15% Land/85% Water
                                Planet covered with freshwater
                                seas.  Land consists mostly of
                                islands, and one small continent.
Climate Controlled:             No
Native Sentient Life:           None



Colony Age (approximate):       80 years
Population (approximate):       10,000
Species Present:                90% Human, 10% Others
Colony Status:                  Federation Protectorate
Government:                     Planetary Council, with a governor
                                elected by that body.
Major Cities/Settlements:       Aquinis Settlement

History:        Settled by a group of scientists, aquatic harvesters
                and fishermen.  The planet was first surveyed
                approximately 100 years ago, by one of the first
                major coreward expansion survey missions.  Planet was
                not deemed to be suitable for colonization, because
                of it's small amount of harvestable land.  However,
                it's scientific value drew a large number of marine
                biologists, as well as aquatic farmers/harvesters/
                fishermen.  Colony size has remained stable since,
                not significantly increasing or decreasing since the
                initial colonization effort, hovering around 10,000.

Economy:        Latinum-based.  Heavily focused on the fishing and
                harvesting industry.  No mineral resources to speak
                of, nor any major industries.

Tech Level:     Late 24th Century. (close to modern)

Culture:        None to speak of.  A typical isolated agricultural
                and scientific colonial mixture.

Notes:          Most of the colonists live in isolated communities
                on smaller islands, with about 1,000 living in the
                Aquinis Settlement.  There are several underwater
                settlements, though most are simply homesteads for
                aquatic harvesters.  Nearly everyone on the planet
                does a small amount of harvesting, farming, or
                fishing in order to support the colony, including

                Fairly isolated from the rest of the Federation,
                but maintains regular contact through subspace,
                as well as freighter shipments and stopovers.
                Contact also maintained through the local DOCA
                office, located in Aquinis Settlement.