Name:  Thomas Quinn Coleman
Title: Secretary, United Federation of Planets Department of Colonial Affairs
Citizenship: United Federation of Planets
Species: Terran Human
Age: 60 TSY
DOB: May 4, 2353
Immediate Family: 
VADM James Peter Coleman, DIRTACFLEET, 79 TSY (father)
CAPT Alyssa Stephanie Coleman, UFPSF, 79 TSY (mother)
CDR Dr. John Peter Coleman, SFSCI, 59 TSY (twin brother)
CDOR Richard Theodore Coleman, COMKRIMAXFOR, 55 TSY (brother)
Degrees Earned:
2367 - B.S., Comparative Government, Harvard University, Terra
2369 - M.S., Multicultural/racial Affairs, Harvard University, Terra
2384 - PhD, Colonial Administration, Harvard University, Terra
Employment History:
24-25:  Sub-Adjutant, UFP Kontori-Prime Colony
25-27: Adjutant, UFP Kontori-Prime Colony
27-28:  Governor, UFP Hilsing Colony
28-31:  Mayor, UFP Chilsta Colony
32-38:  UFPDOCA Director, Sienaran District
38-44:  UFPDOCA Field Operative, Kantali Region
44-46:  UFPDOCA Director, Robinsa Region
46-50:  Field Director/Liaison, Robinsa Region
50-54:  Field Director/Liaison, Simms District
54-59:  Field Director/Liaison, General Assignment
59:        Assignment as Secretary, UFPDOCA
Summary:  After completing his Masters degree, Dr. Coleman joined the UFPDOCA civil
service as an administrator, moving to various colonies to fill in as needed.
At the age of 32, DOCA asked him to serve as the director of the Sienaran District, 
the district where his positions had been.  After eight years of service in this 
position and completing his Doctorate with Harvard University, he was asked to be a 
field operative in the Region that contained the Sienaran District.  In this role he 
moved between various colonies, serving as a representative from UFPDOCA to them.  
After this, he served a short stint as the director of another region when the long 
standing director of that area retired.  For the remaining years of his career, he 
served as a field director, the primary UFPDOCA representative to various regions.  
He was honored with the freedom of a general assignment vessel, which meant that he 
was deployed to various colonies throughout the entire Federation as the UFPDOCA rep.
in particularly difficult situations.  His years of experience working directly with 
many colonies throughout the Federation led to his posting as the Secretary of UFPDOCA,
a job he accepted only with some duress.  Never content to be stuck behind a desk, 
he takes trips to various colonies to mitigate problems as much as his schedule allows.