Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name:            New Damascus (Tenstrom V)
Creator:                Trevin Sandlin



System/Location:                Tenstrom-system, Federation space
Distance to Nearest Starbase:   5 days from Starbase 32
Planet Classification:          M-Class
Satellites/Space Stations:      No orbital stations.  One moon,
                                lifeless, which maintains a small
                                SFMC base. 
Land/Water Ratio:               40% land/60% water
Climate Controlled:             No
Native Sentient Life:           None      



Colony Age (approximate):       200 years old
Population (approximate):       10,000,000
Species Present:                99% Human, 1% Others
Colony Status:                  Federation Protectorate
Government:                     Planetary Assembly, elected according
                                to a proportional representation
                                system.  Planetary Assembly deals
                                mostly with civic matters (streets,
                                transportation, etc.).

Major Cities/Settlements:       Riparian

History:                        Founded around 2209 (exact year is
                                unknown) by a number of farmers
                                from Earth who had fled what they
                                felt was an overcrowded Earth.  Most
                                of them were from the Arabian area,
                                Turks, Syrians, etc, but also a
                                number of non-'Eastern' cultures.
                                Planet has since developed a light
                                industrial base as well.

Economy:                        Based on Federation Credit.  Tied
                                to Federation economy.  Supported
                                largely through agriculture and
                                light industrial output.

Tech Level:                     Modern

Culture:                        Two distinct cultures have developed
                                over time: the 'Eastern' culture of
                                the original colonists, and the
                                'Federation' culture that developed
                                afterwards, with the arrival of new
                                colonists during later decades.  The
                                two cultures are intermixed, with
                                the 'Eastern' culture mostly a
                                private culture which takes place
                                behind closed doors, within families.

Notes:                          No important notes.