Colony Name: Eldora IV
Creator:     Bradley Dwayne Mitchell



System/Location: Eldora, System                        
Distance to Nearest Starbase: 2 Weeks to Federation Outpost 21           
Planet Classification:  M-Class                          
Satellites/Space Stations: 1 Moon, uninhabited             
Land/Water Ratio: 47% Water/ 53% Land                       
Climate Controlled: No  (Has very mild climate in large temperate zones.)  
Native Sentient Life: No                  



Colony Age (approximate): 120 Years      
Population (approximate): 10,000      
Species Present: Human               
Colony Status: UFP Protectorate	                 
Government: Planetary Council with elected Governor                    
Major Cities/Settlements: Eldora City      


Eldora IV is the only habitable planet in the Eldora System
which sits squarely in Federation space but is not near any important
port, causing it not to grow over a simple colony world.  It was found
In one of the earliest colonizing expeditions.  Because of its very stable
orbit the seasons are almost nonexistant with a very mild climate over
most of the central planet, thus it is ideal to grow temperate crops such
as wheat and corn, as well as graze animals.  It is essentially a giant
farm, with wealthy land-owners who operate enormous plantation-like
farms that literally covers thousands of kilometers.  Population density
is extremely low, because of this, and the only concentration at all, which
is the majority of the planetary population, is in the only true city,
Eldora City.                   

Latinum-based, agricultural industry.  Eldora IV supplies
enormous amounts of food, and livestock, to less agri-producing worlds.

Tech Level: 

Slightly below Modern.  (Farmers have high-tech equipment,
but general populace lives by simple standards.)


Social practices are similar to the frontier of 19th America, with
certain landowners holding festivals that draw in surrounding farmers
and hands.  This rotated among the farm owners on a regular basis and
reflect tradition Earth holidays and religious ceremonies.                 


Many people encountered from Eldora IV will be only basically
educated and work as laborers on harvesters or on horseback as
cowboys.  The landowners, and their families, are almost like royalty
and are much more educated and cultured