Official UFPDOCA Submission Template
Colony Name:  Falora Prime Colony
Creator:  Marc Johnson


System/Location:               Falora System
Distance to Nearest Starbase:  4 weeks to SB BETA
Planet Classification:         M Class
Satellites/Space Stations:     None
Land/Water Ratio:              68% Water, 32% Land
Climate Controlled:            No
Native Sentient Life:          None


Colony Age (approximate): 25 Years
Population (approximate): 10,000
Species Present:          80% Human, 
                          20% other
Colony Status:            Owned by Davram Mineral Extraction Industries; 
                          Federation Protectorate
Government:               DMEI Governing Body
Major Cities/Settlements: Faloran, 
                          Davram City, 

The Falora Prime Colony was founded by Davram Mineral Extraction Industries as a 
mining community on one of their richest aquisitions.  All members of the colony 
are employed by DMEI.  Most of the population is still first generation settlers, 
but the birth rate is high.

Economy:  DMEI Credits Based

Tech Level:  Modern

Culture: None to speak of.  Life is based around working the mines.

Notes:  The Falora Prime colony was the first DMEI colony to fall under
close scrutiny for its human rights abuses.  When it was discovered that
basic education was not being provided, the Federation set down a
mandate requiring that DMEI provide schooling.  Emigration and
Immigration rates are nominal.  The death rate is high, but so is the
birth rate.  Federation Investigations to the treatment of the hired
manual labor is still proceeding.  Another case may be brought against
DMEI in the forseeable future.