Colony Name: Freedom 
Creator: Joshua J. Young



System/Location: Bedulla-Montauk System 
Distance to Nearest Starbase: 6 weeks to SB OMEGA at warp 6 
Planet Classification: M Class Planet
Satellites/Space Stations: Three orbiting moons
Land/Water Ratio: 30% land/ 70% water 
Climate Controlled: Yes 
Native Sentient Life: Yes 



Colony Age (approximate): 115 years
Population (approximate): 48,000 (est.), Various nomadic tribes 
                          prevent accurate population counts.

Species Present: 85% Dalriadan/ 15% other
Colony Status: Independant, SF Ambassador resides in Tholath 
Government: Democratic Republic 
Major Cities/Settlements:  Tholath (capital), pop. 20,000
                           Modin, pop. 12,000 
                           Azure Dawn, pop. 4,500 


Originally established as a penal colony by the Dalriadan government due
to it's harsh environment, Freedom is an ice planet. Approximately 115
years ago, the prisoners led an uprising, led by Jackson Tholath. Seeing
no gain in attampting to regain the planet, the Dalriadans abandoned it,
leaving it to the prisoners. Most of the inhabitants live in one of the
three underground cities which are connected by an underground subway
transport system. Various nomadic tribesmen, who have somehow adapted to
the sub-zero surface temperatures roam the vast glaciers and mountains
far above the rest of the population. Riding massive mammoths and living
off various native mammals they are not much more than barbarians.
Occasionally, they will attempt to raid one of the smaller towns, which
spring up occasionally in an attempt to gain a foothold. 

Once it was discovered by the duo of Sam Bedulla and Kevin Montauk,
explorers charting the galaxy, it was reported to SF, who sent a small
diplomatic party and ambassador. The citizens of Freedom have yet to
vote on whether or not to request to join the Federation.

Economy:     Latinum based
Tech Level:  Semi-Modern


Predominately Dalriadan, though over the last century an influx of
various races have intermingled and a splattering of other cultures is


A democratic form of government is present, and the current president,
Drake T. Weldon, was just re-elected to his third four year term. There
is no statute which limits either the president or any of the
legislatures in term.

Produces many valuable minerals when mined. Survives on trade with
various governents.

Starfleet personnel are advised to use caution when visiting Freedom, as
some disease is present throughout the native population, and outbreaks
of violence are not uncommon. 

There is a small military force, 5,000 strong, which acts as a police
force and judge, jury and usually executioner, as most crimes result in
the death penalty, carried out on scene.