Official UFPDOCA Submission Template

Colony Name:  			New Hellas, Mu Kappa System 	
Creator:			Renee Bennett 



System/Location:                Mu Kappa System, spinward of Earth        
Distance to Nearest Starbase:   Two weeks to SB DELTA                 
Planet Classification:          M class                
Satellites/Space Stations:      Two moons--Moros and Hypnos
				One space station
Land/water Ratio:               31% land, 69% water
Climate Controlled:             No       
Native Sentient Life:           No      
Notes:				New Hellas is 20% larger than Earth
				and has a much larger percentage of 
				ferrous metals in its makeup.  Its
				gravity is 1.9 Earth normal.
				Because of the gravity, New Hellas is
			        relatively 'flatter' than Earth--it 
				has shorter, less jagged mountain 
				ranges, and shallower seas.  Its land
				masses are sprinkled in broad 
				archipelagos.  Although continental 
				plates may be much larger, there are 
				only two continents as large as 



Colony Age (approximate):       250 years 
Population (approximate):       280 million 
Species Present:                90% human, 10% other 
Colony Status:                  Federation dependant 
Government:                     Parliament 
Major Cities/Settlements:       Helicon, capital (pop. 225,000)
			        Pierus, regional capital (pop. 54,000)

History:                  	New Hellas was discovered at the beginning
		                of the twenty-second century and opened for 
		                colonization ten years later.  Her new
		                inhabitants were mostly poor Greeks and 
		                Greek Cypriots from Earth's Meditteranean
		                area, moved off Earth under the aegis of 
		                various resettlement programs, ostensibly
		                designed to improve the lot of the poor, 
		                but actually arranged to relieve the rich
		                of the poor's presence on marginal lands.

		                Once that objective was achieved, 
		                immigration restrictions to the new colony
                		were relaxed, and a hodge-podge of other
                		Meditteranean cultures moved in--Turks,
                		Turkish Cypriots, Levantines, Sicilians,
	                	Maltese, Arabs of various sorts, and 
                		Crimean Jews, to name the more common ones.
                		Religious squabbling has become a regular
                		pastime, with factions from the various
                		representative priesthoods forming the 
                		Parliament.  Contrary to expectations, this
                		arrangement has proven relatively calm and
                		free of the bloodshed that has marked these
                		cultures' interactions on Earth.  The 
                		prevailing theory at this time puts the 
                		reason for this on the shoulders of the 
                		Land Office--which has taken some pains to
                		make certain that truly hostile cultures 
                		are as far apart geographically as possible.
                		The wide availability of good arable land
                		(over fifty per cent of which still remains
                		in the hands of the Land Office) is also 
                		cited as a reason for the planet's peace. 
                		The high gravity of the planet has had an
                		effect on the growth of the population and
                		its attitudes toward health care.  Since
                		things fall faster on New Hellas, and do 
                		more damage when they hit the ground, 
                 		there is a much higher incidence of trauma
                		related injuries.  Most of the population
                		has first aid training, up to and including
                		the methods of setting compound fractures.
                		Medicine is a highly respected profession
                 		and the New Hellian Medical College 
                		regularly turns away ten applicants to every
                    		student it accepts.

Economy:        		New Hellas is a resource rich world and 
                		depends on the sale of these resources to 
                		the rest of the Federation to pay for the
                		high-tech equipment she cannot provide for 
                		herself.  Refined ores, industrial and gem
                 		quality jewels, hardwoods, unrefined 
                		foodstuffs, and exotic fish for the pet 
                		market comprise the bulk of her earnings.

Tech Level:                     Modern, though not up-to-the-minute

Culture:                 	A mixed grab bag of mostly Meditteranean
                		basin peoples, New Hellas has seventeen
                		different legally incorporated churches,
                		which also serve her as political parties. 

Notes:          		Although they are a signatory colony to the
                		Federation's Treaty On New Worlds, New Hellas
                		maintains a discriminatory policy regarding
                		non-human immigration.  Non-humans are
                		disallowed from rights to settlement land;
                		in fact, the twists and turns of New Hellian
                		law bars them from land ownership of all 
                		forms in all but a very limited number of
                		cases.  The only exception to this is 
                		marriage with a land-owning colonist.

                		Nevertheless, there are a number of non-
                		human business interests operating on the 
                 		world in leased accommodations.