Company Name:  Kramer Associates, Inc.
Headquarters:  Atlanta, Georgia, Earth (Sol III)
Sectoral Headquarters:  None*
* Due to the nature of the corporation, sectoral headquarters have
never been necessary.

Principal Owner/Chairman of the Board:  Mary Prentice-Kramer
President/CEO:  Raymond Walker
Founded (date):  8 August 1972
Founded by:  Jared Kramer, Michael Kramer, Allison Prentice
Public?: (Y/n)  Y
Major Shareholders:  

  of Common Stock: Kramer Trust (43%), Prentice Corporation (11%),
    Giamatti Funds (6%), Vincent Industries (%);

  of Preferred Stock:  Kramer Trust (68%), Prentice Corporation (7%)
    Giamatti Funds (9%), Vincent Industries (5%), balance held in
    assorted private portfolios.

Principal business activities:  venture capital, banking, insurance,
   manufactured goods, colonila development, shipping, import/export

Wholly owned subsidiaries:

   Kramer, Kramer, & Prentice (Atlanta): Venture capital partnership
       (core competency and oldest part of company);

   First Security Benefit Corporation (Mars): Giant insurance company
       (health, life, property, corporate, etc.); has grown to rival
       the largest of the ancient companies on Earth;

   Federation United Bank (Proxima): large multiplanet banking company;
       owns a number of smaller banks as well;

   Quarterdeck Shipping (Andor): commercial transport company

   Kramer Ventures (Atlanta): colonization/development/exploitation

   Tycho Trading Company (Tycho City, Luna): import/export company

   Kramer Industries (Atlanta): holding company for manufacturing cos.

FY2409 Total Revenue (UFP Credits):  710 Billion Credits

Broker's Notes:  One of the smaller 'megacorps,' Kramer Associates is
   extremely popular among investors, as a highly profitable and stable
   alternative to one of the many mining and extracative based megacorps
   that are in the market.  Kramer is known for the usual traits among
   the larger corporate entities in the Federation, including long term
   stability and relative insensitivity to the fluctuations of the economic
   cycles of the Federation.  Stock price has tended to restrict casual
   investment in common stock over the centuries.

Brief description/history:

   Core competency founded in 1972 (Earth year) in Atlanta by a group of
   friends who were active in the investment banking and law industries of
   the North American 'South' as a venture capital partnership and investment
   firm, using the mony inherited by the Kramer (Jared and Michael) brothers
   upon the passing of their parents.  The initial partners were Jared and
   Michael, both successful investment bankers in Atlanta, and Allison
   Prentice, a college friend who had made millions in real estate ventures.
   Firm made enormous profits through investing in technology ventures all
   through the late 20th and early 21st centuries.  Survived the economic
   chaos and collapse during the years that proceeded and followed the Third
   World War, largely due to relative stability that existed in the American
   south during this time.  Though the firm shrank down to a five partner
   venture during this time, they were able to survive into the 22nd century,
   where they quickly prospered again, financing a number of early private
   extrasolar ventures.

   Quarterdeck Shipping has been a consistently controversial venture, both
   within and without the company.  The company is well known for its very
   aggressive attempts to buy out and eventually employ private freighter
   companies and ships.  Firm carries a bad name with many of the more
   violently independent operators and is a frequent pirate victim.  Company
   has subsequently begun arming its ships, which has led to protests that
   Quarterdeck/Kramer is financing their own corporate space navy, a charge
   which the company has denied vehemently.

   Kramer Associates has been a consistently heavy political and cultural
   contributor and sponsor, donating heavily to the major Federation and
   Earth political parties.  Their name can also frequently be found in
   front of major arts and sporting ventures.  Also well known as the largest
   contributor/sponsor/donator to the "Star Fleet Legacy Organization," the
   largest society of retired Star Fleet officers and enlisted personnel
   in the Federation.  Has made them largely untouchable and highly influential
   in the Federation government.

 Additional queries may be submitted to Public Relations, Kramer Associates,
1342 Owens Blvd., Atlanta, North America, Earth, Sol System.