Company Name:  Mercier AsterMin, Inc.
Headquarters:  Cologne (Koln), Germany, Earth (Sol III)
Sectoral Headquarters:  Vulcan, Proxima, Bajor, Cronos
Principle Owner/Chairman of the Board:  Henri Mercier
President/CEO:  Penelope Mercier
Founded (date):  26 May 2094
Founded by:  Philip Mercier
Public?: (Y/n)  Y

Major Shareholders:  

  of Common Stock: Mercier Industries (43%), Sanchez Trust Company (11%),
    Valerian Holdings (6%);

  of Preferred Stock:  Mercier Industries (68%), Valerian Holdings (7%)
    Sanchez Trust Company (9%), Neuberg Trusts (5%), balance held in
    assorted private portfolios.

Principal business activities:  Mining & Extractive Industries, 
    Chemicals, Metals Fabrication, Industrial Replication, Colonial
    Development, Construction, Energy

Wholly owned subsidiaries:

   AsterMin, Inc. (core competentcy; mines and otherwise extracts ore
       bodies from various asteroid belts, moons, and mineral rich
	worlds/planetoids throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.)
       (Cologne, Germany, Earth)

   Republic Materials (manufacturers and markets industrial chemicals,
	metals, and alloys; some defense contracting business, though the
       majority of their sales are to private interests and companies)  
       (Hong Kong, China, Earth)

   Mercier Trading Company of Dijon (wholly owned import/export company;
       also serves as Mercier AsterMin's colonial development arm)
       (Dijon, France, Earth)

   AsterMin Industries (large-scale industrial replication and
       construction company; does a large amount of government
       contracting for the Federation, member worlds, and colonies)
       (Tranquility City, Luna)

   Quadstar Energy (designs, builds, and operates energy facilities
       built throughout the Federation, its colonies, and protectorates;
       recently spun off from AsterMin Industries)
       (Tranquility City, Luna)

   Republic Labs (new conglomerate formed to combine the phamaceutical,
       R&D, and science divisions of Republic Materials and AsterMin
       Construction; phamaceutical division has extensive contracts with
       the Federation and Star Fleet to supply their hospitals and ships
       with phamaceutical supplies and medicines)
       (Tranquility City, Luna)

   Extrasolar Investigations (devoted to financing archaeological
       expeditions, with an emphasis on new technologies recovered from
       ancient/lost civilizations)
       (Capital City, Farias)

Principal Competitors:  Anchor Holdings; Chapman Mines; ShipOres, Ltd.
FY2409 Total Revenue (UFP Credits):  980 Billion Credits

Broker's Notes:  One of the largest of the 'megacorps,' Mercier AsterMin
   is fairly well regarded in financial markets, largely for its long
   term stability and profitability, as well as a relative insensitivity
   to the fluctuations of the Federation economy.  The Mercier family has
   continued to control the destiny of the organization (through direct
   stock ownership and proxy, as well as the usual tightly knit community
   of investors so commonly seen in most megacorps) since its inception.
   Share price tends to restrict casual investors from purchasing common

Brief description/history:

   Mercier AsterMin, Inc. was founded in 2094 by Philip Mercier, a wealthy
   French industrialist who had made a fortune investing in mining operations
   throughout Africa and Eastern Europe, despite the economic collapse that
   proceeded and followed World War Three.  Following the invention of
   warp drive made space exploration more feasible, Mercier saw the chance
   to increase his profits.  He changed the name of his company (Mercier
   Industries) to AsterMin, Inc., and began staking claims to wealthy
   areas of both Luna and the asteroid belt in particular.  Extrasolar
   exploitation quickly followed.

   As AsterMin began to take off during the early 22nd century, AsterMin
   was incorporated with a number of other interests the Mercier family
   had begun to develop under the umbrella of Mercier AsterMin, Inc.  After
   the death of Philip Mercier in 2132, control of the company passed to
   his eldest daughter, and has been controlled by the Mercier family ever

   Contrary to many mining conglomerates in the Federation, Mercier AsterMin
   never put much emphasis on its shipbuilding arm.  It is the former owner
   of Penguin Shipbuilding, which it sold to private interests in the early
   23rd century.  Instead, extracted resources are generally diverted to
   other areas of the corporation, or sold to other private interests.

   Consistently, the most profitable division of Mercier AsterMin (in terms
   of profit/loss ratio) has been Extrasolar Expeditions.  It has been
   largely responsible for some of the technological developments that have
   come out of the Mercier R&D divisions (now Republic Labs) for centuries.
   However, this company has also come into question from time to time for
   unethical or exploitative practises on lesser developed worlds.  No formal
   charges have ever been made, however, and the company has stayed largely
   out of the public eye for several decades, now.

   Current corporate leadership (and control of Mercier Industries) is
   held by Henri Mercier, eldest son of Jean Henri-Baptiste Mercier III,
   who retired from the position in 2409 to seek successful election to
   one of Earth's Federation Council seats.  Before that time, Henri had
   been the President/CEO of Mercier AsterMin for 18 years, with his father
   in the position he now holds.  He has since appointed his first cousin,
   Penelope Mercier, to the position of President/CEO.

Additional queries may be submitted to Public Affairs Office, Mercier
AsterMin, Inc., Mercierstrasse 100, Cologne, Germany, Earth, Sol System.