Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name: The Joshua Mines
Creator:           Janis Hill



System/Location:                Sector 12, Beta Quadrant
Distance to Nearest Starbase:   8 days in D-Warp class shuttle to Starbase 25

Planet Classification:          G Class(desert).

Satellites/Space Stations:      3 natural moons, one satellite communications 
                                relay station put in place by Starfleet.

Land/Water Ratio:               Little to no surface water.

Climate Controlled:             Everyone lives underground, air and cooling 
                                provided to living areas.

Native Sentient Life:           None.



Colony Age (approximate):       Unknown how long the miners have been there. 
                                But when the planet came under Federation
                                jurisdiction a Starfleet presence was 
                                established there about 80 years ago.

Population (approximate):       8 to 9,000. UFP Citizens make up a minority, but
                                a powerful enough one to be threat enough for
                                things to stay mainly above board.

Species Present:                You name it it could be there. Think miners, 
                                gold hunters, etc. Large population of Humans,
                                other species mentioned on being raised there
                                is Bajoran, Cardassian and Bolian.

Colony Status:                  UFP Protectorate

Government:                     The oldest and richest families on the colony
                                control the local government, although they
                                are nominally answerable to the UFP and the DOCA.

History:                        Unknown when mine began. In the old days it was
                                basically everyone for themselves.  Some of the 
                                older, richer, larger families wanted things to
                                settle down more so more profit could be made. 
                                Requested to join Federation, request refused 
                                with a report saying mines social function were 
                                unstable and chaotic. Larger families joined and 
                                created own government and bullied the rest of the miners
                                into submission. 20 years later the Federation accepted 
                                The Joshua Mines when they requested joining once more. 
                                That was about 80 years ago.

Economy:                        People get paid for their mining quota per month.  Quota 
                                not met, payment not given. A strong barter system works 
                                throughout the mines though is not welcomed by the Government. 
                                "Payment" can consist of anything from money to supplies to 
                                mining rights to land. Basically what is on offer, etc.

Tech Level:                     Modern, mainly Federation but with the mix of cultures there's 
                                a mix of tools, etc.

Culture:                        Even in the modern age of UFP government, the mines are still 
                                quite harsh, the climate and location savage. The Joshua Mines 
                                breed a strong willed, determined person who can survive in a
                                hard climate and who knows how to look after themselves against 
                                many forms of aggression from debating across a table, fighting 
                                off claim jumpers to blasting each other out of the night sky. 
                                One thing that has been literally pounded into people from this 
                                colony is that showing emotions, smiling, laughing, being happy 
                                in front of a Superior in rank is seen as contempt and is punishable.

                                Superiors are seen as almost Godlike and will be obeyed at any cost 
                                and to become someone's superior is one of the greatest compliments
                                or awards that can be given. Many from the mines have a hard time "joking"
                                with their Commanders and senior offices in Starfleet surroundings. 
                                They find the whole "having a drink and laughing" amongst their
                                Captains, etc an ordeal and some have been known to almost pass out 
                                from the whole nerve-wracking situation.

Notes:                          Starfleet members and miners to mingle and many a relationship and or 
                                marriage has intertwined this colony. Some of the children from these 
                                relationships strive to be like their parents no matter what their 
                                occupation. Not all positions at the Joshua Mines are miners. The majority 
                                are but many other jobs to exist and are in great demand.