UFPDOCA Official Colony Report



Colony Name: New Genesis

Creator: Crew of USS Hunter Adams






System/Location: System 2684/ BETA Quadrant                      

Distance to Nearest Starbase: 2 days from SB EPSILON through the Gibraltar II Wormhole                  

Planet Classification: Class N                        

Satellites/Space Stations: Two moons unsettled.            

Land/Water Ratio: 4/96                    

Climate Controlled: No                   

Native Sentient Life: No                 






Colony Age (approximate): 2 months     


Population (approximate): 120-200     


Species Present: Genetically Modified Humans              


Colony Status: Proposed trading contracts with the Federation, but not a member yet.                


Government: Council appointed by original colony progenitors.                   


Major Cities/Settlements: New Genesis City.     


History: The colony ship originally set out from Earth during the Eugenics war fleeing persecution. Their cryogenics controls malfunctioned, and the colonists were not revived until found by Von Gruber, a disgraced Federation scientist. He used them for his experiments only thawing out a few at a time. They were then rescued by the USS Yorktown, and were helped to settle the new world by the USS Hunter Adams.                 


Economy: Latinum-based but with a strong emphasis on direct trade until the colony is successfully up and running. They expect to trade strongly on being the first colony established on the BETA side of the Gibraltar II Wormhole. This will enable them to resupply ships and offer space to scientific and economic groups.          


Tech Level: Although settled by humans from the 1990's, the USS Hunter Adams the Federation ship that helped set up the colony, did supply the colonists with the basics of replicator and modern medical technology. The colonists are expected to acclimatise very quickly to the current levels of technologies of any contacted race.


Culture: A group assured of their superiority through genetically controlled breeding, their arrogance was tempered when they found themselves hundreds of years and light years from their original destination. The Federation assigned the USS Hunter Adams to help set up the colony when a combat between a disgraced Federation scientist Von Gruber and the USS Yorktown left the colonists stranded. Mistrust caused by the experimentation and murders carried out by Von Gruber, was deepened by the presence of non-humans on board the Adams. Now the colonists are struggling to come to terms with a new century and a new world.                  


Notes: When they first arrived on the world, the colonists found the planet infested with bugs that were actually native life-forms inhabited by sentient energy beings forced to take corporeal forms because of injuries unknowingly caused by Federation and Cardassian explorers in the area. The Adams managed to negotiate a truce with the bugs that left the planet to the colonists. Communication links with SB EPSILON have been left though to warn of a possible "bug" attack in the future.