UFPDOCA Official Submission


Colony Name:               New Geneva (Nouvelle Geneve)
Creator:                   Takako Nagumo



System/Location:           Alpen System, Yorpa Sector
Nearest Starbase:          Ten days at Warp 6 to SB THETA; 
                           Coreward of the Federation

Planet Classification:     M-Class
Satellites/Space Stations: Three moons, ten orbital satellites, 
                           most of which is for research

Land/Water Ratio:          35/65

Climate Controlled:        Yes and no.  Some areas of the planet 
                           are climate controlled for atmospheric
                           experiments; otherwise, it is not.

Native Sentient Life:      None



Colony Age (approx):       Founded 2330
Population (approx):       15,000
Species Present:           Mostly Human; about 20% other, including 
                           Vulcan, Romulan, Cardassian, Bajoran
Colony Status:             UFP Protectorate
Government:                Academic Council

Major Cities/Settlements:  Nobel is the center of activity, both 
                           scientific and social; Curie and Muller
                           are two of the major laboratory cities 
                           (they have major lab facilities, for 
                           chemistry and physics, respectively).

History:                   Founded by pacifist scientists including 
                           Gerard De Valle and Frederick Ripley.

Economy:                   Latinum-based

Tech Level:                High level of technology -- cutting- to 
                           bleeding edge.  The advanced scientific 
                           research taking place in the colony 
                           requires this.  They have no defense 
                           system, although the orbital satellites
                           can and do detect vessels approaching 
                           the planet.

Culture:                   The founders and their descendants have 
                           kept the ideals of pacificst solutions
                           to conflict.  The population, mainly 
                           scientists and support staff and their 
                           families, all hold to differeing degrees
                           pacifisic attitudes; some condone the 
                           use of violence solely for self-defense, 
                           while others would rather be injured or 
                           killed than strike another person or 
                           hold a weapon.

Notes:                     Originally created for the character 
                           LTjg Alexandra Ripley, SCI, USS 
                           SARATOGA, Silver Fleet.