Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name:	New Norway
Creator:	Brian Suskind



System/Location:        Nibelungen System
			Far Rimward of Earth 

Distance to Nearest Starbase:  	30 days to Starbase 108              
Planet Classification:         	M-Class           
Satellites/Space Stations:      Two small moons
Land/Water Ratio:               45%/55% 
                                Two major continents with a scattering 
                                of islands both large and small between
 				them. One third of the planet is covered 
                                in glacial ice flows.

Climate Controlled:      	No (See Note Below Re: Climate)
Native Sentient Life:       	No



Colony Age (approximate):		100 Years
Population (approximate):		60 Million
Species Present: 			96% Human
                                         4% Other
Colony Status: 				Federation Colony
Government:				Counsel of Elders
Major Cities/Settlements:		Hrothgar (Capital)


The Nibelungen Colonization Foundation was created by men and women who
could trace their ancestry back to Norse ancestors. Disillusioned by the
multiculturalism of Earth, and eager to regain their heritage, the
Foundation ceeded certain holdings on Mars and Alpha Centuri in exchange
for the ownership of M-Class planet designated 114-098-754. 

This distant world, located rimward of Earth, was near the border of the
Federation in a sparsely populated area of space. The isolation was deemed
a positive aspect for the new colony. The USS REVAK transported the nearly
500 colonists (200 men, 200 women, 100 children) along with three fully
loaded cargo pods. Upon planetfall, the colony was christened New Norway.


Federation Standard
Latinum Based		

Tech Level:	Modern in Major Cities
                Agrarian in rural communities


Two hundred years after its founding, the population of the colony has
risen to 60 Million due to several additional waves of colonists. 

The planet's naturally harsh conditions in conjunction with adherence to
old Norse customs and laws has produced a society that values strength of
the body, the power of human will, and a quasi-mystical faith. Family is
very important as all of the extended members of a family often live
together in the same village or even in the same hall.

As might be expected, sailing and other nautical pastimes are of great
cultural import to the inhabitants of New Norway. For example, a common
right of passage for teens is to build and single masted skiff to a nearby
village, kidnap a young woman and return with her. Of course these
"abductions" are all pre-arranged and mutually agreed upon by both sides.


[Planetary Climate]	

The planet itself is an approximation of conditions which existed for the
ancient Norse. One third of the surface is covered with glacial ice flows.
The average temperature of the planet ranges from 60 degrees at the
equators to minus 80 at the poles. The surface is also subject to continual
wind system.

Flora:	Plantlife is sparse on New Norway. What does exist outside of
specially constructed greenhouses is rugged, tough stuff that acts to
support the wildlife.

Fauna:	Many terrestrial animals were re-engineered and transplanted onto
the planet. Bear, ox, rabbit, and auroch are just some of the animals
commonly found.