Colony Name: Onlies (Indigenous Name: Earth)
Creator: Original Basis: Gene Roddenberry
	 Post-TOS Development: Art Damon



System/Location: UFC 347601                       
Distance to Nearest Starbase: One Terran Week from Starbase Four.
			      (Two Days from Subspace Relay Post 25-01)  

Planet Classification: Class M                         
Satellites/Space Stations: One Satellite (Indigenous Name: Moon), 
             		   One Space Station (Skylab, currently being

Land/Water Ratio: 30/70 (Earth Standard)                     
Climate Controlled: No.                   
Native Sentient Life: Yes.                  



Colony Age (approximate): 90 Earth Years (Note: The indigenous sentient 
        		 humans have been in place for approx. 6,800 yrs.)

Population (approximate): 10,500 Natives (Onliesians)    
			  200,000 Fed. Colonists
			  210,500 Total

Species Present: Human (Less than 5% minority of other Federation races.)
Colony Status: UFP Colony (Note: The colony has been under UFP guidance
               for almost a century, and there are many parties striving for 

Government: Colonial Governorship (Note: The current governor [RADM Nancy Montague (Ret.)]
            was appointed by the UFP almost 20 Terran years ago, and she is currently
            considering handing the colony over to the Onliesians.  This is currently 
            under UFPDOCA review.)           

Major Cities/Settlements: San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Moscow...
			(Note: Due to the unusual circumstances of the 
			planet itself, most of the planet's major cities
			match those of 20th century Terra.)     


   The planet's history corresponded exactly with Terra's exactly until
   the late 20th century, when a filterable virus of the order 2250-67A
   was released into the atmosphere by the inhabitants as part of a 
   "Life Prolongation" program.  The original program hoped that for
   every 100 years of real time that passed, the inhabitants would
   age only one month.                       

   However, an unforseen error occured, and the virus wiped out a
   majority of the population.  The only ones spared were the planet's
   children, or rather, all that had not reached puberty.  These children
   were given lifespans on the order of 350 years, and a clan system of
   order developed.  

   Things remained this way until the 23rd century, when the USS 
   ENTERPRISE  tracked a homing signal from the planet.  The signal 
   was set by the last remaning adults, and the ENTERPRISE arrived to
   find the San Franciso clan of children, under the shared leadership of
   "Miri" and "Jahn", two of the aged children.  It was there that Doctor
   Leonard McCoy discovered and catalogued the virus, and also discovered
   what had killed the adults:

   The hormonal balance of the youth allowed the virus to do its work, but 
   when it entered the bloodstream of adults, the hormonal balance
   mutated the virus, actually accelerating the aging process and killing
   the victim by extreme leprosy and pain.

   A cure for the virus was found, and the planet was placed under UFP
   protection.  However, recent science has found that the virus (having
   resided in the Onliesian's bloodstreams for over 300 years) has 
   permenantly altered their DNA, slowing their aging process, despite 
   the fact that there is no trace of the virus left in their systems.

   The Onliesians are concidered the "Children of the UFP", and there is
   currently only one Onliesian in Starfleet.

Economy: UFP Credit System (Although some underground movements still use
	the older bartering.)

Tech Level: Colonized Areas: Modern
	    Areas Yet To Be Colonized: Late 20th Century


    The Onliesian culture has been undergoing a change within the past
    ten years.  However, in the beginning, the Onliesians were just as
    many would expect them to be: A rebelious group of "children" that 
    were used to their freedom, and resisted the UFP when they came to 
    organize the planet.  

    Almost immediately, underground societies and resistance movements
    formed.  The sole surviving group, "Only Onlies", is lead by 
    the infamous "Jahn", the Onliesian who resisted James Kirk and his 
    crew.  This group does make for some security and social problems, 
    but the majority of the "Onlies" have matured considerably.  This
    makes for interesting tourist visits-- one can be approached
    by an apperent 10-year-old and spoken to with the quiet wisdom of 
    a being centuries old.  

    The planet does have religion, although it has only really grown
    in the past twenty years.  Called the "Hero Worship", it focuses 
    mostly on the Triune God ideal, but also that all of the planet's
    "good" heroes are agents of God, sent to do his work.  They are 
    held in a high regard-- more than the saints of Roman Catholocism, 
    but less than the many gods of the Ancient Romans.

    The UFPDOCA reccomends this planet for tourists andarchaeologists
    interested in vintage late 20th Century Terran architecture.


 UFC 347601 and its system of ten planets are physically indistinguishable
 from the Sol system in every measurable parameter.  The mass, size,
 orbital speed, and even color of every planet in the system is identical
 to its counterpart in Sol.  The third planet, once called "Earth" by
 its inhabitants, has been renamed Onlies by the Federation.

 Onlies is an exact duplicate of Terra, right down to its continental
 configurations.  The very existance of the planet and its system 
 holds uncertain ramifications for both the scientific and religious
 communities on Terra.  One theory holds that the system is a result
 of a massive tear in the space-time continuum through which, at some
 point long ago, the Sol system passed, resulting at replication at
 the sub-atomic level.  The Judeo-Christian line of thought implies
 a simultaneous, seperate creation by God.