Colony Name:            Orion VI
Creator:                Harald Giersche



System/Location:                 Omikron Orionis 'near' the Orion's belt

Distance to Nearest Starbase:    7 days, SB 72

Planet Classification:           Class M

Satellites/Space Stations:       1 Moon(1300km diameter)
                                 2 Stations  ( 1.SCI, 2.TEC  ),
                                 numerous communications satellites

Land/Water Ratio:                60% Land, 40% Water

Climate Controlled:              No

Native Sentient Life:            Yes



Colony Age (approximate):        150 Years, founded 2264

Population (approximate):        19.4 Million

Species Present:                 Humans   36%
                                 Vulcans  35%
                                 Klingons 29%

Colony Status:                   Independent

Government:                      A kind of democracy

Major Cities/Settlements:        Orona 'Vhen:  3,4 Mill, vul.
                                 Khoh'Pacht:   2,1 Mill, klin.
                                 Candy City:   1,7 Mill, hum.

        In 2263 a vulcan delegation landet on the unpopulated
        planet and began with colonisation. Soon after two
        federartion and three klingon ships were involved in a
        fight, where all five ships were damaged too hard to find

        way back home. So they landed their crews on Orion VI.
        It was their luck, that the vulcans were present,
        otherwise they possibly would have murdered themselves,
        although all them being in the same boat. After the
        differences had been laid down the humans and the klingons
        decided to stay. Although their ships had suffered
        much damage, the communications systems were still ok.
        So the two groups told their homeplanets via subspace
        communication where they are and that they would stay.

Economy: Gold pressed latinum, product exchange

Tech Level: Modern, partially higher than federation (Communication systems)

    The three populations had kept their differences, although a
    kind of a mixture of all them and some mor had been established.
    One of the points of interests is to give their common
    homeplanet a name! Many festivals, Writing outs and so on have
    only one goal: How could they name their home.
    A new music style had rosen from the three cultures that was
    even known on other planets.

        The people of Orion VI weren't interested in making the
        planet a second Earth, Vulcan or Qo'nos. It isn't very
        simple to settle on Orion VI. The Orions, how they were
        sometimes called - which they don't like, due to the
        Syndicate with the similar name - are very liberal during
        contacts with other people, and every visitor is welcomed.
        Tourists report of the friendly kind of the Orions.
        But if one decides to settle, you must be like themselves.
        Liberal, friendly (even the klingons on Orion VI were told
        to be so), and open for different thoughts.