Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name:                  Rache
Creator:                      William Crawford



System/Location:              Dusin system, spinward
Distance to Nearest Starbase: 2.1 days to Deep Space 12
Planet Classification:        M-class                         
Satellites/Space Stations:    one uninhabited moon (Little Rache),
                              automated relay station (SA-23)
                              in extreme high planetary orbit

Land/Water Ratio:             32% land/68% water
                              Planet covered with saltwater ocean.
                              One major continent in the northern
                              hemisphere, and numerous islands in
                              the southern hemisphere and around
                              the equator.

Climate Controlled:           No
Native Sentient Life:         None



Colony Age (approximate):     40 years
Population (approximate):     2,500
Species Present:              70% human, 30% others
Colony Status:                Federation Colony
Government:                   Administrated by appointed Starfleet

Major Cities/Settlements:     Miaris Research Station;
                              Christiane Settlement

History:        The planet Rache was first charted by a Pakled ship
                some 210 years ago.  The residents at that time, an
                isolationist race known as the Kau'ri, were engaged
                in a massive civil war which would result in their
                complete self-destruction fifty years later via a
                massive mutual bio/thermonuclear weapons exchange.
                Rache was listed as uninhabitable, and extremely
                dangerous; it would not be visited again for over a
                century.  When a science vessel was dispatched to
                reexamine the planet, it was found to have been the
                subject of massive terraforming by unknown parties;
                a research station was placed on the planet for the
                dual purposes of finding out exactly what happened,
                and examining the giant cosmic region known only as
                Gayle's Ruins (an area of intense cosmic activity,
                similar to the Badlands).

Economy:        Latinum-based.  Even though it is officially a UFP
                colony, there is very little actual contact with the

Tech Level:     Modern

Culture:        Typical isolated colonial/scientific mixture.

Notes:          Miaris Station, the largest settlement on Rache, was
                built on the northernmost peninsula of the planet's
                only continent.  Christiane Settlement was built on
                one of the islands in the southern hemisphere fifteen
                years ago, by a team of independent researchers.  The
                entire planet is in a completely isolated region of
                space, thanks to Gayle's Ruins, but maintains contact
                with the Federation via subspace and occasional duty
                rotations/supply shipments from DS12.

                Miaris Station's current administrator is Captain
                Jeannette Fairbourne.