Company Name:  ShipOres, Ltd.
Headquarters:  Industrial Zone, Proxima V, Proxima Centauri
Major sectoral headquarters/offices:  New Damascus, Alpha Corellus, Mars
Principal Owner/Chairman of the Board:  Han Li Park
President/CEO:  Alexandra Covenant
Founded (date):  2184
Founded by:  Juan Olivares
Public? (Y/N): Y
Principal business activities:  Mining and extractive industries, shipbuilding,
  industrial fabrication, colonial development, energy, research and development,
  weapons manufacturing

Wholly owned subsidiaries:

   ShipOres Enterprises:  mining and extractive arm of the business;  largest of
      the subsidiaries;  has made its name as a developer of outling rim systems
      and colonies; has also developed a very profitable  prospecting division, which
      sells its survey results to other companies, including other megacorps; well
      known for the questionable practise of buying rights to systems, then selling
      them to others at a profit;

   ShipOres Contracting:  the shipbuilding arm of the corporation; one of the
      largest defense contracters in the entire quadrant; also has made a fortune in
      the civilian construction business;

   ShipOres Industries:  created as a blanket umbrella to house ShipOres' industrial
      construction, energy, and R&D arms, which were spun out of Enterprises and
      Contracting; energy arm is something that has been created in response to the
      creation of other similar energy spinoffs amongst the other megacorporations in
      the quadrant (Anchor, Quadstar, etc.);  industrial construction business has
      consistently been one of the most notorious branches in the quadrant, coming
      under Federation Council investigation on several instances;

   ShipOres Expeditions:  serves two main purposes:  financing/support/development of
      new colonies, and archaeological expeditions to search for new technologies; has
      been indicted and fined by the Federation on several occaisions for illegal
      operations; colonial arm is currently under investigation by the UFP Justice
      Department for illegal meddling and operations in the Corellian systems;

   Crossbolt Weapons Systems:  major defense contractor in the quadrant; also has been
      accused of extralegal activities; currently under investigation by the UFP Justice
      Dept. for illegal sales to banned warring parties in the Corellian systems

FY2409 Total Revenue (UFP Credits):  810 Billion Credits

Broker's Notes:   Despite nearly constant legal problems over the last two decades,
   ShipOres has continued to not only survive, but thrive.  While legal settlements
   with the Justice Department have cut into some of their profits, the company has
   remained a favorite of investors, due to the continued profitability of the
   company's enterprises.  Company has recently made strides to reduce its stock
   price in order to promote more active public investment in the company

Brief description/notes:

   Founded in 2184 as an amalgamation of several off world mining interests in
   the Sol system and beyond.  With the increasing rise of the corporate giants,
   particularly in the mining industries, a number of the smaller companies made
   the decision to associate with one another, at first informally.  Early on,
   the corporation was simply a loose association of these companies.  Over time,
   however, these companies began to consolidate, particularly as a sequence of
   visionary CEOs were appointed, who fought long and hard to move the company
   forward as a single entity.

   Following consolidation of the mining interests into what was now ShipOres
   Enterprises, the company proceeded to make a large sum of money off of
   exploitation rights.  The practise involves filing a legal claim to a
   resourse (such as a moon, planet, or asteroid), often based only on an initial
   and vague scan, and then sell the planet based on that initial scan.  As
   full planetary scans were rarely done, corporations often sold dead worlds
   for a massive profit, claiming they were worth more than they were in
   actuality.  The practise came under heavy scrutiny, the result of which was
   that most corporations now find the practise unethical, though it remains
   completely legal.

   ShipOres has recently come into serious legal troubles over the last few
   decades, the result of a number of Justice Department probes into their
   activities throughout the quadrant.  Legal troubles began with a report on
   FedNet Channel 1 in 2382, reporting that Crossbolt Weapons was involved in
   trying to produce a derivative of Ketracel White, as well as a number of
   other highly addictive and mind controlling drugs.  There were also counter
   charges that the funding for this operation was coming from the Federation
   government, as an attempt at developing a way of poisioning Ketracel White
   supplies.   Further investigations led to more legal problems, including a
   public Federation Council investigation into bribery allegations and major
   corruption as a result of the FedNet story.

   Recent problems have surrounded questionable activities in and around the
   Corellian systems.  A recent Star Fleet mission by the USS Chesapeake
   uncovered a number of questionable practises in the system, as well as
   allegations that ShipOres was arming both sides of the conflict, sponsoring
   and financing the rebellion, and operating a biogenic weapons research
   facility on one of the corporate asteroids.  The case is still undergoing
   investigation by the Federation Justice Department.*

*Queries regarding ongoing legal investigations should be addressed to:  Corporate
Investigations Division, United Federation of Planets Department of Justice,
Government Park 19, Paris, France, Earth, Sol System.

Additional queries for ShipOres should be addressed to:  Corporate Affairs,
ShipOres, Ltd., Zone 23, Industrial Zone, Proxima V.