Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name:



Distance to Nearest Starbase:                    
Planet Classification:                          
Satellites/Space Stations:              
Land/Water Ratio:                       
Climate Controlled:                    
Native Sentient Life:                   



Colony Age (approximate):       
Population (approximate):       
Species Present:                
Colony Status:                  
Major Cities/Settlements:       
Tech Level:



   To give you some idea of what kind of information is expected for
each of these headings, here is a brief description of what each of
them might entail.

UFPDOCA Official Submission Template


Colony Name:            self-explanatory
Creator:                If you created this world on your own,
                        simply supply your own name.  Otherwise,
                        please detail the co-creators of the
                        planet, since we do want to give credit
                        to those who have earned it.



System/Location:        Name of system, and location.  If your
                        colony is located near a neutral zone,
                        near disputed territory, etc., please
                        detail that information here.

Distance to Nearest Starbase:

                        Approximate time, in days/weeks at Warp 6,
                        to the nearest Federation starbase.  This
                        tells how remote the colony is, and also
                        has a significant impact on how soon help
                        could arrive from Starfleet.  This base
                        need not be one of the fleet command bases
                        (ALPHA, GAMMA, DELTA, etc.).  It can be
                        one of the 'lesser' starbases, an outpost,
                        DS station, etc.

Planet Classification:  M-Class, L-Class, etc.  This tells other
                        players how large your planet is, and
                        what kind of atmosphere it has.  A full
                        catalogue of the alphabetical planet
                        classification system Star Trek uses is
                        available on the DOCA website to help you out.
                        If the colony has a non-oxygen atmosphere, 
                        please detail what kind of atmosphere.  Also,
                        if the colony's gravity is significantly over
                        or under 1G (Earth gravity), please detail
                        this information here.

Satellites/Space Stations:

                        Number of moons, and whether or not they
                        are inhabited.  Please also supply whether
                        or not there are any orbiting space

Land/Water Ratio:       Percent land/percent water.

Climate Controlled:     Yes/No.  Some colonies will be, others will

Native Sentient Life:   Yes/No.  Again, some colonies will have it,
                        	   and others will not.



Colony Age (approximate):

                        Years since the foundation of the colony.
                        You may also, if you have a specific year
                        in mind, supply that information, but that
                        is not necessary--you may approximate.

Population (approximate):

                        Again, exact figures are not necessary.
                        You may approximate this number to the
                        nearest million, thousand, hundred, etc.

Species Present:        If the colony is almost entirely human,
                        you may simply put 'Human' in this field.
                        If there are a significant number of non-
                        humans present (over 5 percent), please
                        detail the percentages involved.

Colony Status:          This field describes the colony's official
                        and unofficial relationship with the UFP.
                        Many colonies will be 'UFP Protectorates,'
                        but others will be of other classes;
                        independent, eg.

Government:             If the colony has a specific form/manner
                        of governing itself, detail this here.
                        Some colonies will be in states of
                        'anarchy.'  If this is the case, please
                        detail how bad the situation is.

Major Cities/Settlements:

                        Self-explanatory.  This field may be left
                        blank, if necessary.

History:                Detail (briefly) the colony's history.
                        Please include any important events,
                        treaties, etc. here.  Be detailed, but
                        don't try to explain everything.

Economy:                Most will be latinum-based, though depending
                        on other factors (tech level, government,
                        etc.), their economy could be based on
                        something else.  Also, this would be where
                        you would detail any major products the
                        world is noted for, or industries.

Tech Level:             Level of technology.  For most worlds, this
                        will simply be 'Modern,' though, some may
                        be less advanced.

Culture:                Culture and society of the world.  Describe
                        what, if anything, makes the colony unique.

Notes:                  Use this field to cover anything that the
                        other fields fail to cover.

If you have further questions, please use the colonies already
submitted as examples.  Good luck!