Colony Name: Terranova ("The Park Planet")
Creators: D'Maris Coffman (w/ the assistance of Andrea Schalk) 
[CAPT Farhad Ghazim, CO-designate, USS QUASAR]



System/Location: Alpha Aquilae III
Distance to Nearest Starbase: 15LY to SB ALPHA 
Planet Classification: Terraformed (functional Class M) 
Satellites/Space Stations: No natural satellites, numerous 
geocentric communications and observation satellites,
several permanent orbital stations, drydock facilities,
refit platforms. 

Land/Water Ratio: 30/70 
Climate Controlled: Yes 
Native Sentient Life: None 



Colony Age (approximate): 2170 
Population (approximate): 180 000 000 
Species Present: 98% terran homo sapiens (human), otherwise 
assorted (mostly Federation civil servants and families) 
Colony Status: Full Federation Colony (affiliated w/ Terra)
Government: Parliamentary Democracy 
Major Cities/Settlements: Capital: Terranova City; New Cairo,
New Shiraz, New Calcutta.


Terranova is one of the earliest of the Terran colonies, among
the first of the terraforming projects outside the Sol System.
Selected due to the relative proximity of Alpha Aquilae to Terra, 
it drew one of the first waves of colonization. Many of the 
emigrants left Earth to escape lingering political instability, 
and the cultures of the Terran Near and Middle East found another 
home there. As well, Northern Africa and Central Asia are well- 
represented, as are those of South Asia and Indochina.

Created while terraforming techniques had yet to be refined,
this world's habitat is considered unusually artificial,
garnering the derisive epithet of 'the Park Planet.' It is 
also known in some guidebooks as 'the Restaurant Planet' for 
its authentic ethnic cuisine.

Nevertheless, it is home to nearly 200 000 000 people and houses
a number of Federation departments, including UPFHCRSA, UFPAID,
UFPICEF, etc. The capital, Terranova City, is a sprawling 
metropolis accomodating almost forty percent of the population
and the majority of Federation civil service offices. 

In political structure, Terranova is a parliamentary democracy
with a directly elected head of state. It maintains close ties
with the Terran World Government, despite a pending application
for Federation membership of its own accord. There has never 
been any significant civil unrest or serious challenge to 
representational democracy on Terranova, despite some localized 
ethnic strie in the early years.

Terranova is also home to any number of medium-sized Federation
corporations, though the megacorps tend to eschew it in favor
of maintaining sectoral headquarters in the Sol System.

Economy: Latinum based; technosocialist safety net.
Tech Level: Modern
Culture: Culturally heterogenous. Terranova City is notably
cosmopolitan. Outlying areas tend to reflect cultural
influences of Terran immigrant populations, particularly
Iranian, Arab North African, Central and South Asian 
and Indochinese. Some Spanish South American pockets 
as well.


Terranova is by most accounts a successful example of terran
colonization. Though the terraforming techniques of several
centuries ago were primitive, and current 'beautification 
efforts' somewhat suspect, the colony has remained peaceful 
and prosperous. Star Fleet personnel are welcome to take 
liberty on Terranova and are reminded Federation law is 
enforced, bolstered by somewhat rigorous local ordinances on 
disposal of waste and treatment of the environment.