Colony Name:  Tien Ji
Creator:  David Kiel (Arclight)



System/Location:  Tien Ji
Distance to Nearest Starbase:  A Federation supply station and
   marine base orbits the world.  Otherwise it is 6 days at warp
   six to SB DELTA.

Planet Classification:  M-Class
Satellites/Space Stations:  No moons, many orbiting platforms
    and stations.
Land/Water Ratio:  12/88
Climate Controlled:  Yes
Native Sentient Life:  No



Colony Age (approximate):  250 years.
Population (approximate):  3.2 billion.
Species Present:  Human, about 100,000 Ferengi live on Tien.  2%
    of the population is a random mixture of Federation

Colony Status:  UPF Protectorate, formerly independent

Government:  Practical anarchy.  A Federation governor is
    attempting to return the world to a centralized government but
    private commercial concerns are resisting those

Major Cities/Settlements:  The land forms of Tien Ji are almost
    uniformly covered by a mixture of industrial districts and
    city structures.  The only agriculture present is restricted to
    floating archologies.  Most farming is done on the


Tien Ji was settled by refugees from a dangerously overpopulated 22nd
century China.  70 years of immigration provided the world with a
population base that has come to rival that China for population

Cybernetics and cybernetic augmentation are an inborn part of Tienan
society.  Children receive neural implants at age 10 and both
practical and cosmetic implantation/replacement is commonplace.  A
violent society emerged, the result of unrestricted capitalism.
Corporations became governmental entities, capable of creating and
enforcing their own laws.

Life was not respected, corporate strike teams were commonplace.  The
unemployed were without basic rights.  Personal weaponry was
unrestricted and often grafted or concealed onto/within the body

Without any restrictions to the corporations greed the world was
almost destroyed.  The biosphere was poisoned with contaminants and
sporadic conflict between corporations left structures gutted.  When,
in 2359 a large portion of the ocean caught fire, threatening to cloud
the planet in smoke the Federation was called in to take over.

They instituted a form of government, pollution controls, a corporate
tax base to pay for reclamation efforts and a corporate code of
conduct to restrict aggression.  Personal weaponry was restricted and
implanted weaponry was outlawed.

Tien Ji today is a balance between Federation administrators and the
economic giants that almost destroyed it.  It's industrial and
economic base is impressive and the pollution is being reversed by
herculean efforts by Federation engineers.  The oceans are now viable
for life and are in places suitable for staple protein farms.

It is still a violent world and it's capitalistic structure still
leads to great inequality in lifestyle.  Cybernetics are still
commonplace, only weaponry has been restricted.  Emigration has begun
to become a problem as Tienans have realized that life outside their
world is far better.  To avoid a flood of Refugees the Federation has
been forced to restrict emigration to manageable levels.


Nearly unrestrained capitalism almost destroyed this world.  The
latinum based economy of today is overseen by a team of Federation
Social Economists and restricted against destructive actions.

Tien Ji has become a mini haven for Ferengi entrepreneurs who have
migrated to the world to open shops.  Ferengi businessmen are
commonplace but there a no large Ferengi corporations present on Tien

Tech Level:

Post-Modern, cybernetic biotechnology is a class to itself on Tien
Ji.  Industrial methods are state of the art, and if the society was
less anarchistic and violent the Federation would build orbital
shipyards here.  Agricultural methods and tools are advanced by
necessity as the only growing area is the seafloor and a constant
struggle is fought against ancient sources of industrial pollution.


Tien Ji culture is currently in a state of flux.  Ancient chinese
traditions cling to life in a mix of modern struggles.  The
entertainment industry is the worlds replacement for philosophical and
religious pursuits.  The current generation of young Tienans is
rejecting the capitalistic history of there world in favor of a more
earthlike federation existence.  The older generations still cling to
the corporate class structure of the world.

Only five Tienens in the hundred years prior to 2405, graduated the
academy and served in Starfleet.  There have been 24 since.  The
Federation is trying to address the emigration problem by making Tien
Ji a nicer place to live and their may be hope for the world yet.


Tien Ji uses traditional Chinese naming conventions, the surname first
followed by the given name and then a optional generational
qualifier.  The qualifier would be identical for all members of that
generation within the same family.  Having three or four names is
commonplace and for an outsider to reliable determine which one is the
given name, almost impossible.