Colony Name:   Tloxal's Cross
Creator:       David Kiel (Arclight)



System/Location:    Tloxal System
                    Trailing Sol, 110ly distant.

Distance to Nearest Starbase:  6hrs to SB 22 at warp 6
Planet Classification:         M-Class
Satellites/Space Stations:     2 Moons, One orbital docking station.
Land/Water Ratio:              71% water.
Climate Controlled:            Yes.
Native Sentient Life:          No.



Colony Age (approximate):  240years.
Population (approximate):  267 million.
Species Present:           Primarily Human.
Colony Status:             UPF Protectorate.
Government:                Representative Democracy.
Major Cities/Settlements:  Troid, Capital city.


Tloxal's Cross was settled by a mixture of British and South American
settlers in the era following the beginning of the Federation.  It's
culture is an odd mix of Native tradition and modern Federation life.
Tloxal has proven to be an relatively idyllic world with no history of
conflict or violence.


Federation standard, Colony is self-sufficient and there is no need
for a monetary economy.

Tech Level:

Modern.  Tloxal's Cross, culturally has a deep respect for life and
the land.  Technology is restricted to the inside of the structures.
The buildings are simple looking stone dwellings nestled right inside
the trees.  Inside, all the ameneties of modern Federation life are
present.  Outside, the world resembles 14th century South American


A mixture of modern Federation culture and ancient Native-American
tradition.  A warrior-based social structure has been turned into a
scientist-based social structure with knowledge and accomplishment
replacing bravery and combat skill as most prized.

Ceremonial dress includes modern Federation and Starfleet designs as
well as ancient ceremonial stylings.  A headress featuring Quetzal
feathers is common, with more feathers for higher

A pastoral world with a rich artistic tradition, Tloxal's Cross uses
modern agricultural methods and exports a great amount of food and
agro-products offworld.  It is not an industrial presence, but is able
to create what tools and machines it needs.


With the exception of the Capital city and four other industrial
centers, Tloxal is sparsely populated with an almost uniform
scattering of small settlements surrounded by farms and ranches.
Cooking is still practised with replicated food making up less than
10% of the diet.

Academic accomplishment is prized and teaching is the most noble
profession on Tloxal, above Starfleet service.  Govornment is simple
and non-intrusive and personal weaponry is limited to knives and
bows.  There is no native wildlife and Terran forms of plantlife
predominate.  Only domesticated terran animals exist.