Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name:    Vagen III
Creator:        Chris Aubrey



System/Location:                        Vagen System. There are 12 
                                        planets in the Vagen System,
                                        with Vagen III being the only
                                        one classified as Class M. It is
                                        the 3rd planet from the system's 

Distance to Nearest Starbase:           20.1 LY from SB DELTA. This is 
                                        approx. 2 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours 
                                        and 45 minutes at Warp 6 from the

Planet Classification:                  Class M
Planet Description:                     A hot planet that does not hold a
                                        lot of vegetation. Most of the 
                                        terrain is soft, dry soil with low
                                        growing trees and bushes popping
                                        up over the landscape. There are
                                        a few rolling hills, but nothing 
                                        in the way of mountain ranges.
                                        There is only one ocean that runs
                                        from the north pole all the way
                                        down to 500 miles from the south 
                                        pole. There is only one continent.                   

Satellites/Space Stations:              None         
Land/Water Ratio:                       47%/53%       
Climate Controlled:                     No    
Native Sentient Life:                   Limited, mostly near the ocean



Colony Age (approximate):               320 Years      
Population (approximate):               11,000
Species Present:                        Human          
Colony Status:                          UFP Protectorate-abandoned 2395  
Government:                             Under UFP direction
Major Cities/Settlements:               One (New Vancouver)  

History:                                Formed on a temporary basis by a 
                                        group of scientists, who set out 
                                        to study the nearby systems, the 
                                        Vagen III colony grew beyond its
                                        creators expectations. Soon, people
                                        were arriving with the sole
                                        intention of colonizing the planet. 
                                        With a warmer climate and very 
                                        little rain, those living on the
                                        planet built their homes near the
                                        ocean which consists of fresh water
                                        rather than salt water. Once the 
                                        land had been properly irrigated,
                                        little communities were created. 
                                        The communities soon merged into 
                                        one town called New Vancouver. This 
                                        is also the only spaceport on the
                                        planet and where supplies are 
                                        brought in. Life flourished here
                                        until 2395.

                                        Although near the planet Vulcan 
                                        and under the protection of the
                                        UFP, the colony became discovered
                                        by the Romulans as a possible 
                                        military strike base if they ever
                                        were to engage in a war with the 
                                        Vulcans and the Federation. When 
                                        they began to land forces on the 
                                        planet, the colonist protested. 
                                        Before the Federation could step
                                        in, the Romulans had destroyed the
                                        colony and New Vancouver leaving
                                        only around 20 percent of the total
                                        population left alive. UFP forces
                                        did arrive shortly and took the 
                                        survivors off the planet and 
                                        pressured the Romulans to leave
                                        the planet peacefully. Now all that
                                        remains are sensor probes to warn
                                        the Federation of any other 
                                        attempts by the Romulans to inhabit
                                        the planet.                               

Economy:                                Latinum-based
Tech Level:                             Semi-modern
Culture:                                None remaining