Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name: VanDiemen
Creator: Andrea Schalk



System/Location: Third planet in the Erina system
                 Otherwise: out of the way, backwater

Distance to Nearest Starbase: something like three to five days to 
                              some really insignificant starbase... 

Planet Classification: M
Satellites/Space Stations: Satellites-meaning natural ones? 1
                           artificial ones: none

Land/Water Ratio: 40/60
Climate Controlled: no
Native Sentient Life: no



Colony Age (approximate): 60 years       
Population (approximate): approx 1500
Species Present: humans almost exclusively
Colony Status: UFP protectorate 

Government: Settlers' Council - only for planet-wide decisions. 
            Planet is subject to severe restrictions regarding
            settlers, industry and exploitation are forbiddent,
            limited farming/hunting allowed to sustain settlers.
            The Council is mostly inactive.

Major Cities/Settlements: none

History: Erina III has been settled by people who object to the 
         extensive use of technology. Most of the planet itself 
         belongs to a Federation agency which sees to it that the
         severe restrictions regarding any kind of exploitation
         are being followed. The agency sells land to new settlers
         who would like to lead that kind of life. Growth is 
         extremely slow, with most people living a considerable 
         distance from the next dwelling. Federation reserve.
         Planet of outstanding natural beauty. Strict access
         restrictions apply.

Economy: none

Tech Level: current-date Federation technology, though very limited
            and restricted use of same.

Culture: Terran