Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name:  Vercingetorix (Kingdom of Vercingetorix)
Creator:  James Bowman ( AND



System/Location:      HB-6061 system ("Avalon"), located almost exactly between 
                      the center of the Federation and the Romulan Neutral Zone

Distance to Nearest Starbase:     5 solar days to SB 175
Planet Classification:            M-Class                        
Satellites/Space Stations:        None.  Vercingetorix does possess
                                  a small orbital defense platform

Land/Water Ratio:                 42% Land/58% Water

Two major continents that touch over the North Pole Region.  The
Eastern Hemisphere forms one large continent, the Western
Hemisphere forms a jagged coastline with several large islands.

Climate Controlled:                No                  
Native Sentient Life:              None                   



Colony Age (approximate):        100 years     
Population (approximate):         8 million       
Species Present:                  99% Human                
Colony Status:                    Federation Protectorate
Government:                       Monarchy.  Unwritten constitution.
                                  The queen is effectively deprived of
                                  political power.                     
Major Cities/Settlements:         New London, Bretagne, Cote d'Or 


Vercinetorix was founded in 2307 by Traditionalists from the United
Kingdom, France and Australia who felt that Earth and Federation were
taking an unsuitable turn towards liberalism.  Most of the settlers of
Vercingetorix idealized the 19th century, particularly 19th Century Victorian
England and Napoleon-era France to an astounding degree and agreed to
found a new society based on Victorian social principles, down to the
language, customs, and even dress.  The government and economy
were recreated on Victorian models, as well as the civil and penal code.

  Modern technology is reluctantly used to save labor, however,
 entertainment and comfort strictly mirror the 19th century.

The colony was founded with 500,000 settlers.  Through laws promoting
large families and the use of fertility drugs, the population grew rapidly and
has now reached its present stable size of 8 million.  Vercingetorix
applied for its charter in 2307.

Economy:  Latinum-based.  Vercingetorix follows the Latinum Exchange
Rate established by the Federation.  One Vercingetorix pound sterling
is equal to one slip of a bar of gold-pressed latinum.  The
denominations of smaller units follows the British pattern of the 19th century.

Vercingetorix is basically a farm world.  Of the Vercingetorix GNP,
73 percent is derived from agricultural exports and 20 percent from
mining operations on Vercingetorix itself and in the HB-6061 system.

Tech Level:  Vercingetorix has a technology level equal to that of the
Federation.  Ninety-nine percent of all products produced or exported
are along Federation lines of design.  As stated before, however, 
fashion and entertainment remain untouched by technological advances.
There are few uses of devices to maintain comfort.

Culture:  The people of Vercingetorix model the 19th Century as best as
possible.  Not only are fashion and culture touched, but the
Vercingetorian Civil Code and structure of government is modeled strikingly
after that of 19th century Great Britian.  There are few large cities on 
Vercingetorix due to the small population and the large areas of
land suitable for agricultural development.  The civic model is modeled
much after that of the old English country estate, with sections of
land devoted to certain activities rather than a scattering of interests
in the same region.

The Vercingetorians are strikingly friendly, if rather snobbish.  They
very much believe in the system of noblesse obligue.  Astonishingly, those of
French descent are even stauncher monarchists than the English speakers. 
The "French" part of Vercingetorix (the continent of New Gaul) is more
conservative than the English section, and a special set of "traditions"
is encoded to maintain the particular French culture of the New Gaul
region. Most educated people on Vercingetorix can speak both English and

A particular section of the land mass called New Paris has caused
considerable problems.  A large section of the population where the English
and French parts of Vercingetorix touch borders has abandoned the
conservative tradition completely and is much more like Betazed or Risa
than like any other Federation planet.  This section of the planet, called
"Wildeworld" in derision at first by the conservatives and later adopted by the
natives as an unofficial place name, wants the more draconian laws of
Vercingetorix overthrown.  This is a region of civil unrest; most interested
observers await further news and predict future difficulty with these second
and third generation Vercingetorians.


Vercingetorians are quite friendly to most human species, but are decidedly
hostile to non-human life forms.  A virulent philosophy of xenoracism exists
even in the highest levels of government. This philosophy has impaired
Federation relations with its strange colony.  Aliens are forbidden to
emigrate to Vercingetorix except under exceptional circumstances, the 
total population is 99.5% baseline human.

Furthermore, those not belonging to the Orthodox Anglican or High
Catholic denominations have very little chance of obtaining resident status.  
Visas, however, are easy to obtain. Consult the Vercingetorix Foreign
Ministry for further details.

There is only one citizen of Vercingetorix serving in Starfleet -- LCDR
Arthur George Redgrave of the USS VICTORY.  News stories of his
Starfleet service occasionally appear in the soft media.  Crown Prince
Thomas has been recently accepted into Starfleet Academy and has
now replaced Redgrave as a source of human interest in the Vercingetorian