Name:    Wei Yat Sen
Title:   Deputy Secretary, UFP Department of Colonial Affairs
DOB:     18 July 2347 (age: 63)
Species: Human 
Citizenship:  Ti Jien, Federation National
2368     BSc, Mathematics & Economics, London School of Economics
         First Class Degree w/ Honors
2371     MBA, Wharton School of Commerce and Finance of the
         University of Pennsylvania
2379     PhD, Mineral Economics, Colorado School of Mines
Deputy Secretary Wei differs from most citizens of Ti Jien insofar
as he does not have the cybernetic enhancements typical of others 
from his homeworld.  His family left Ti Jien before the tragedy
of 2359, when he was still in his pre-teens.  Educated on Terra, he 
speaks Terran Standard without an accent and maintains close ties to 
the Ti Jien legation to the UFP as well as the ethnic Sinic community 
on Terra.
Educational & Employment History:
2366-2369:  Attended London School of Economics, London, UK, Terra, 
            Sol III.
2369-2372:  Joined Magellan Consulting as an financial analyst. 
            Assigned to Merger & Acquisitions Unit.  Gravitated
            towards mining and energy products client base.  
2372-2374:  Attended The Wharton School of the University of
            Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Terra, Sol III.
            Concentrated MBA work in Finance and Decision Sciences.
2375-2385:  Employed by Anchor Holdings, Inc. first as a financial
            analyst, later as Chief Analyst for Anchor Holdings,
            Inc. Energy Products Division (later spun off into
            Anchor Energy Holdings, Inc).
2385-2389:  Attended The Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, USA,
            Terra, Sol III. 
2389-2402:  Employed by Anchor Mines, Inc. of Anchor Holdings, Inc.
            in various capacities, culminating in Chief Financial
            Officer (CSFO) and Executive Vice President (EVP), Anchor
            Mines.  Responsible for recommending the formation of
            Anchor Energy Holdings, Inc. of which he briefly served
            as President and Chief Operating Officer.
2402-2410:  Joined The Federation Department of Colonial Affairs as
            an Under-Secretary for Planetary Development and Appropriate
            Technology Transfer with an emphasis on development of 
            indigenous mineral and energy resources.
2410:  Elevated to Deputy Secretary, Colonial Affairs.
Political Affiliation:
Dr. Wei is considered a moderate liberal in matters of social policy;
nevertheless, he has contributed routinely (until recently as a
columnist) on matters of fiscal and monetary to the moderate
conservative press.  Declines to disclose party affiliation, if any.
Dr. Wei brings the dual backgrounds of a thirty year professional
association with an established megacorp (Anchor Holdings, Inc) in
its mining division (Anchor Mines, Inc) and that of a citizen of Ti
Jien, a colony where uncontrolled economic growth and environmental
exploitation proved disasterous.  While he is a firm believer in (and
has published extensively on) the importance of private corporations
in any successful scheme for developing planets' economies, he is by
no means overly accomodating of what he considers ill-advised 
development schemes.  Has an excellent sense for the role of energy
and mineral related securities in financial markets and consistently
advises ranking Federation politicians on the probable effects of
proposed legislation on these exchanges.