Official UFPDOCA Submission Template


Colony Name: Ygizii III
Creator: Roderick Stuart (



System/Location:                Ygiz System, near Romulan Neutral Zone 
Distance to Nearest Starbase: 	10 minutes at half-impulse   

Planet Classification: 		M-Class

Satellites/Space Stations:

Ygizii III has four moons - Delian, Narvril, Cheryelle and Sarae, (which is inhabited.)
Furthermore it has a Ygiz-controlled starbase, known simply as SAT-EIN, and a small
Federation refuelling station, SB CHISHOLM. It has a crew of five and virtually no

Land/Water Ratio: 		Land: 32% Sea: 68%
Climate Controlled: 		Yes
Native Sentient Life: 		Yes



Colony Age (approximate): 		9 years
Population (approximate): 		5,000
Species Present: 			Human, Ygiz

Colony Status: 			Federation Mandate
Government: 			Ygiz dependency

Major Cities/Settlements: 	Selaustadt


The Federation outpost on the developed world of Ygizii III
developed as a partnership between the two nations. In their ambition to
befriend the Federation Parliament in order for trading rights, the Ygiz
handed over the city of Selaustadt and allowed an old orbiting base to be
established in a fixed orbit above it. Federation ships can refuel at SB
CHISHOLM whilst Selaustadt has developed into a major city, noted for the
extensive lands owned by Starfleet Academy.


Refuelling starships (SB CHISHOLM) Academy grounds, Economic centre
for Ygizii III

Tech Level: 			Modern

Ygizii III is the homeworld of the Ygiz species, a species with the unique ability
to change their gender at will. Ygiz culture is fundamentally different to any
other culture, because of it's unseperated male and female sides. In other
words, Ygiz are less ferocious as other races equipped with such sexual drives.


Federation citizens welcome only in colony. Visa required to visit other parts of
planet and system.