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Class Name        : DujHoH-class
Classification    : Warship
Typical Roles     : Strategic Fleet Attack Vessel, Heavy Interceptor.
SFE Designation   : BC (Battlecruiser)
Introduced        : 2408
Model Number      : B1
Number in service : Unknown.

Known Registries  : I.K.C. DujHoH (prototype)
Length            : 695 m
Span              : 600 m
Draft             : 106 m
Displacement      : Approximately 7,000,000 mt

Total Standard    : 1,030 
Officers          :    80
Crew              :   650
Troops            :   300 (Unknown Maximum non-stasis life support)

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type        : DujHoH-Class Variant, Grade 8 (Estimated)
     Number       : 2
Main Reactor      : DujHoH-Class Dilithium M/AM Reactor, (Unknown 

Impulse System
Drive Type        : teqtaQbang-Class Dual Redundant Vector Type, 
                    Grade 3.
     Number       : 4
Secondary Reactor : HoHghor Generic Operations Type, Grade 13 

     Standard Cruise Speed    : 7.0 (estimated)
     Maximum Cruise Speed     : Unknown
     Sustainable for 12 hours : Unknown
     Maximum Emergency Speed  : Unknown
     Core Failure Imminent    : Unknown

     Phase Disruptors, Pulse Type, Class 11 Power Output.
          Number : 6 cannons.
          Range  : 250,000 km
          Arcs   : 4 strake mounted forward firing, 50 degree conical arc,
                   2 hull mounted aft firing, 50 degree conical arc.
     Phase Disruptors, Omnidirectional Crystal Type, 'Long Range' 
                       Class 10+.
          Number : 14 banks.
          Range  : 330,000 km
          Arcs   : 3 arrays, dorsal nose mounted,
                   3 arrays, ventral nose mounted,
                   3 arrays, dorsal aft hull mounted,
                   3 arrays, ventral aft hull mounted,
                   Port/Starboard wing mounted 360 degree bands.

     Photon Torpedo Launchers
          Number : 10 tubes (Number of torpedoes, unknown.)
          Range  : Tactical to'peng-Class Photon-Type  : 1,900,000 km
                   Strategic Duppeng-Class Flux-Type   : 3,200,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward nose mounted,
                   4 forward port/starboard strake mounted,
                   4 aft hull mounted.

Deflector System : botlhyoD-Class Cocoon Multiphasic type, Grade 16 

Cloaking Device  : SeySo'wI'-Class Plasma Coil Tactical type 


     6-person, small cargo           : 8
     25-person, Troop movement       : 8
     Cargo, recovery                 : 4

Cargo/Shuttle Bays
     1, forward/aft access.
Embarked Craft
     Travelpod, 4 man                   : 10
     Su'negh-Class 20 man Troop Carrier : 10
     Su'tep-Class Cargo Shuttle         : 6
     Mogh-Class Runabout                : 2


Comparitively little is known of this vessel.  Interest in the 
progression of the QoghvaQ-Class Bird-of-Prey was high, but this 
vessel has appeared quietly and disturbingly few details about its 
configuration have come to light.

The ship is long, flat and wide, taking design cues from 
Birds-of-Prey rather than the inelegant Negh'var and Vor'cha-classes.
In plan, the vessel resembles the emblem of the Klingon Empire, with 
its 'wings' and 'nose' truncated.  Large warp nacelles sit in 
armoured pods, and there is a deep, slightly rounded tail section.

The I.K.C. DujHoH was actively scanned downwarping while uncloaked 
from a Federation Diplomatic runabout returning from Qo'noS.  It was 
quickly cloaked, but most of the technical data above is from that 
scan.  A new warp system was analysed, no power specifications are 
available, but triple feeds were detected running to the nacelles.  
This suggests that this ship is designed to fight against extremely 
powerful opponents, taking heavy damage, yet remaining warp capable.
It is known the Klingon Empire is not being dismissive of threats 
from Dominion forces, Borg technologies, or even rapidly 
strengthening Romulan fleet activities.

The rest of the ship appeared to use tried and trusted technologies,
although most deriving from successful testing with the 
QoghvaQ-class. This class' 'Long Range' disruptors appear to have 
been transferred, which does nothing to prove the theory these 
weapons have traded off power for range.  Fourteen arrays protect the
ship from any aspect, and vessels immediately fore or aft sit 
squarely in the view of multiple disruptor cannon. Anything at longer
range can be pinned by to'peng or Duppeng-class torpedoes from any 
one of ten launchers.

Notable by its absence is the high power assault cannon of the
Negh'var-class.  It is possible that the design is thus optimised 
for speed, agility and weapon duration.

The I.K.C. DujHoH was scanned having a normal array of small craft 
aboard, whether the scan was a typical configuration or not is 
unknown.  Two runabouts suggest the class will see diplomatic service
in future when more widely known, but the absence of orbital 
interceptor and support vessels suggest this ship is for deep-space 
battle and not planetary strike.

The availablity of only just over a thousand berths is interesting to
note.  Usually, vessels supply extra berths in case of evacuation 
duty, extra troop movement, etc.  A GALAXY can carry as many as 
five-thousand personnel, but this new Battlecruiser cannot.  Internal
voids detected during scans provide space for a possible three 
hundred extra berths, but this goes further to prove that planetary 
strike or boarding a fleet is  not part of the design brief: DujHoH 
really is a 'ship killer'.

    Mark Fox.
=^= Commander Darius Cannell,
    Executive Officer, Starfleet Engineering.
    Mark Fox.
=^= Commander Darius Cannell,
    Executive Officer, Starfleet Engineering.