Class Name        : Morgai-class Attack Cruiser (Approximate
Translation: Eagle)
Classification    : Warship
Typical Roles     : Strategic Front Line Attack
SFE Designation   : CA (Heavy Cruiser)
Introduced        : 2387
Model Number      : V2
Number in service : 105 (Intelligence Estimate)

Known Registries  :

Length            : 450 m
Span              :  320 m
Draft             :  90 m
Displacement      : 3,400,000 mt

Total Standard    :  650
Officers          :    50
Crew              :   450
Troops            :   150 (300 Maximum)

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type        : Morgai-Class Grade 6
     Number       : 2
Main Reactor      : Morgai-Class Quantum Singularity, Grade 12

Impulse System
Drive Type        : Multiple-Vent Vector Impulse Drive, Grade 3.
     Number       : 3
Secondary Reactor : Grosh-Class Generic Reactor, Grade 9.

Velocity (V2 Refit only)
     Standard Cruise Speed    : 7.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed     : 9.3
     Sustainable for 12 hours : 9.6
     Maximum Emergency Speed  : 9.8
     Core Failure Imminent    : 9.92
     Standard Cruise Speed (Cloaked)  : 6.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed  (Cloaked)  : 9.0

     Plasma Torpedo, Long Range, 7th Generation
          Number : 1
          Range  : 350,000 km
          Arcs   : 1 Forward at bow

     Phasers, Omnidirectional Crystal Type XrL-4, Class 9.
          Number : 8 banks.
          Range  : 280,000 km
          Arcs   : 4 forward nose mounted arrays
                   2 aft tail mounted arrays
                   2 Aft port/starboard pylon trailing edge arrays

Phasers, Pulse Type XrL-4p, Class 10.
          Number : 2 banks.
          Range  : 220,000 km
          Arcs   : Forward port/starboard pylon leading edge arrays

     Photon Torpedo Launchers - Mark XLI-m
          Number : 4 tubes, 200 torpedoes.
          Range  : Falcon-Class Photon-Type  : 3,900,000 km
                   Hawk-Class Flux-Type      : 3,200,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward, 2 aft

Deflector System : Hedgehog-Class Conformal Multiphasic type, Grade 13.

Cloaking Device  : Shadow-Class Plasma Matrix Strategic type.


     6-person, small cargo           : 6
     25-person, Troop movement       : 6
     Cargo, recovery                 : 2

Cargo Bays
     1, ventral access.

Embarked Craft
     Travelpod, 4 man                   : 8
     20 man Troop Carrier               : 8
     Cargo Shuttle                      : 2


The Morgai (Eagle) Class Attack Cruiser is a design typical of Romulan
design philosophy.  The ship has a form reminiscent of a bird.  Her
graceful lines mask the functionality and capability of her design.

Romulan ships enclose a smaller volume than their Federation
counterparts, and the Morgai-Class is no exception.  The primary reason
for this lies in the basic differences at the heart of the power source
for Federation and Romulan ships.  The quantum singularity used by the
Romulans requires significantly less physical space than the Federation
M/A reaction chamber, storage tanks, and injectors.  The quantum
singularity is also somewhat harder to control, and is more likely to
fail catastrophically if it is damaged in combat.  For this reason, main
engineering is located at the heart of a Romulan ship within an armored

The Morgai-Class incorporates many standard Romulan design elements.
The backbone of her formidable weapons array is the plasma torpedo
launcher.  A seventh generation launching system enables the weapon to
be used at a range slightly greater than the Type X phasers standard on
Starfleet vessels.  The highly energetic ball of plasma fired by the
weapon has the potential of causing significant damage, however the
weapon also requires an enormous amount of energy to charge and fire.
Computer simulations suggest that the Morgai-Class ships suffer a
decrease in shield output for a few seconds prior to launching plasma
torpedoes.  This decrease in shield output may be significant if
multiple torpedoes are launched simultaneously.

The Morgai-Class was one of the first to utilize the XrL-4 phaser
array.  It is similar in design to older Federation fixed emitter phaser
units.  Despite the use of a fixed emitter, the Romulan phasers have a
power output only slightly less than Federation Type X units.

The Morgai-Class is a beautifully designed warship.  Her graceful lines
conceal the well designed and powerful machine underneath.

Alton J. Reich
CAPT Jacob Miller
COMBATA, TACFLEET - Engineering Liason