RADM Ibrahim Ghali  [D'Maris Coffman]
I. Personal Data
Surname Name:  GHALI
Given Name(s):  Ibrahim Abdul (Abe)
Current Rank:  Rear Admiral (O-8)
Species:  Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:  Male/XY;
Age:  49  Terran Years
DOB:  3 March 2361;
POB:  Cairo, Terra, Sol III.
Parents:  Tariq Abdul Ghali, M.D. (DOB: 2326), Physician;
          Hamida Salwa Faqir, R.N.  (DOB: 2334), Nurse;
Siblings:  Ayman Tariq Ghali (DOB: 2365), Engineer; 
Spouse:  Prof. Salwa Aziz Al-Mani, Ph.D. (DOB: 2368), 
Children: Rabih Abdul Ghali (DOB: 2490), University Student; 
          Haya Ibrahim Ghali (DOB: 2493), School Student;
Physical Description:
HT:  6'1" (185cm); WT: 195 lbs (88kg); EY: Brown; HR: Black;
SK:  Tan;  No distinguishing marks.
Blood Type:  Bk-
Vision:  O: 0.00, S: +0..35 (20/20)
Religion:  Sunni Islam (nominal)
Citizenship:  Terra, Sol III, United Federation of Planets
Languages:  Terran Standard (native speaker), Modern Arabic 
(native speaker), American English (fluent), French (proficient).
II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended:
   -- Federation Public School Systems
         (Top 2%, w/ Highest Honors)
   -- Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *cum laude*}
         (Bachelor of Sciences, Gravitic Engineering)
   -- Star Fleet Engineering School, Staff & Command College
         (Master of Sciences, Gravitic Engineering)

B. Service Schools Attended:
   -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
   -- Star Fleet Staff & Command College
   -- Flag Officers Orientation School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs): 
   -- MOC:  Engineering Officer
   -- MOC:  Shipboard Operations & Command
   -- MOC:  Junior/Senior Officer Bridge Tests
   -- CERT: Flag Officer Orientation School

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

Class Rank: 45/885; Honors: *magna cum laude*; 
Academic Major: Gravitic Engineering;
Professional Major:  Starship Engineering, Starship Operations;
Qualifications:  Engineering, Operations, Command.
Commendations:  0; Reprimands: 0;
Athletics:  Archery Team.
Activities:  Cadre, Engineering Design Team.
III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form):

0-18:   Attended the Federation Public School system on Terra.
Lived variously in Cairo, Chicago, and Paris.

18-22:  Attended Star Fleet Academy.

22-49:  Active Duty in Star Fleet.

28:   Married Salwa Aziz Al-Mani, Ph.D.

29:  Birth of first child, Rabih Abdul Ghali (male).

32:  Birth of second child, Haya Ibrahim Ghali (female).

B. Background Summary:

RADM Ibrahim Ghali entered Star Fleet after receiving a public 
school education on Terra.  He did very well academically, showing 
early promise for science and engineering fields.  While competition 
was stiff for places reserved for Terran applicants, Ghali's scores 
were well in the upper quartile of those admitted to SFA.  Though 
his parents have done stints in the Federation public health system,
Ghali is the first of his immediate family to serve in Star Fleet.

IV. Official Starfleet Record

A. Promotion History:
(23)830601.0000  Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).
(23)850615.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2).
(23)880615.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3).
(23)930601.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
(23)976015.0000  Promoted to Full Commander (O-5).
(24)061101.0000  Promoted to Captain (O-6).
(24)101010.0000  Breveted to Commodore (O-7).
(24)101215.0000  Promoted to Rear Admiral (O-8).

B. Service History:
790615.0000  Entered Star Fleet Academy
830601.0000  Graduated Star Fleet Academy
830615.0000  Assigned Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School.
830915.0000  Graduated (SF)SWOS
830915.0000  Posted G(ravitcs) DivO, Engineering, USS Arthur Phillip 
             (NCC-86309, Mitchell-class DD)
850620.0000  Posted P(ropulsion) Lead DivO, Engineering, USS James 
             Cook (NCC-86671, Mitchell-class DD)
890301.0000  Posted ENG, USS Melbourne (NCC-62043-C, Hood-class CL)
920605.0000  Posted OPS, USS Newcastle (NCC-31822, Hood-class CL)
940504.0000  Posted XO, USS Wellington (NCC-4616, Wellington-class CL)
971102.0000  Assigned Analyst, Romulan Desk, BATA, TACFLEET, SB ALPHA
981201.0000  Posted CO, USS Gaspee (NCC-31830, Hood-class CL)
010601.0000  Assigned Staff & Command College
020615.0000  Graduated Staff & Command College
020720.0000  Posted CIC, USS Renown (NCC-21914, Invincible-class BC)
030211.0000  Posted XO,  USS Renown (NCC-21914, Invincible-class BC) 
060101.0000  Assigned Head Analyst, Romulan Desk, BATA, TACFLEET
080215.0000  Posted CO, USS Darius (NCC-1215, Caesar-class CA)
090615.0000  Posted COMETAB, TACFLEET, SB DELTA
101010.0000  Assigned Star Fleet Flag Officers Orientation School
101210.0000  Graduated Star Fleet Flag Officers Orientation School
101215.0000  Assigned COMBATA, SFE/TACFLEET, SB ZETA

C.  Medals and Commendations
910403.0000  Star Fleet Commendation Medal 
950304.0000  Bronze Star
091130.0000  Meritorious Service Medal

(*) He also has the combat action ribbons, quadrant service ribbons,
etc. expected of an officer of his rank and experience.
V. Skills Profile 

RADM Ibrahim Ghali is an effective and successful officer.  An 
engineer by training, he moved over to operations and later command.
All of his shore rotations, by his own request, have been with 
TACFLEET.  Initially, he served as an analyst (and later head analyst)
of the BATA Romulan desk.  As such, he is something of an authority 
on Romulan ship design.  Though BATA was relocated officially to SB 
ZETA in 2409, Ghali elected to remain at TACFLEET upon completion of 
his final shipboard tour as commanding officer of the USS Darius to 
head up ETAB (Emerging Threat Assessment Bureau).

Though he considered requesting CC, BC, or BB command in the fall of
2410, he was selected for flag rank in October and sent to flag 
officer orientation school.  From there, he was assigned to head of 
BATA on SB ZETA.  An excellent analyst, effective administrator, and 
ranking officer with a strong engineering background, he is expected 
to contribute significantly in this capacity.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

CAPT Ghali is a successful and efficient administrator and 
outstanding analyst.  During his tenure at ETAB, TACFLEET was 
able to respond quickly and effectively to a number of emerging 
threats.  I can't think of a better candidate to take up BATA.

       -- RADM Robert J. Elsing, Deputy Director, TACFLEET, 101015.

CAPT Ghali's tenure as commanding officer of the USS Darius followed 
upon the heels of CAPT Winterbourne's vacation of the billet to take 
up command of the USS Endeavour.  CAPT Ghali proved very adept at 
restoring crew morale in the face of departures among the senior 
staff, while at the same time maintaining combat readiness.  Though 
it is by no means clear to me that he is a particularly good 
candidate for command of multi-ship scenarios, I have no doubt that 
he has a successful flag career ahead of him at TACFLEET or Star 
Fleet Engineering.

       -- VADM W. Gordon Crowell, CINCGREEN, 80515.

VII. Psychological Profile
Devoted family man.  No abnormalities noted.  Fit for service, flag 
rank, and command.

VIII. Current Recreational Interests
Terran chess, backgammon, archery.