Class Name        : t'liss-class Battle Cruiser (Approximate 
Translation: Hawk)
Classification    : Warship
Typical Roles     : Strategic Front Line Attack
SFE Designation   : BC (Battle Cruiser)
Introduced        : 2402
Model Number      : V1
Number in service : 20 (Intelligence Estimate)

Known Registries  : RSE T'LISS

Length            :  614 m
Span              :  421 m
Draft             :  132 m
Displacement      : 5,200,000 mt

Total Standard    :   855
Officers          :    65
Crew              :   590
Marines           :   200 (300 Maximum)
Passengers        :    20 Maximum

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type        : T'liss-Class Grade 8
     Number       : 2
Main Reactor      : 2x T'liss-Class Quantum Singularity, Grade 10 
(each - see notes)

Impulse System
Drive Type        : Multiple-Vent Vector Impulse Drive, Grade 4
     Number       : 3
Secondary Reactor : Nuvush-Class Generic Reactor, Grade 12

     Standard Cruise Speed    : 7.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed     : 9.4
     Sustainable for 12 hours : 9.72
     Maximum Emergency Speed  : 9.86
     Core Failure Imminent    : 9.95
     Standard Cruise Speed (Cloaked)  : 6.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed  (Cloaked)  : 9.0

     Plasma Torpedo, Long Range, 7th Generation
          Number : 2
          Range  : 350,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward on hull ventral surface

     Phasers, Omnidirectional Crystal Type XrL-4, Class 9.
          Number : 12 banks.
          Range  : 280,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward nose mounted
                   2 forward dorsal, 2 forward ventral
                   2 aft tail mounted, 2 aft dorsal, 2aft ventral

Phasers, Pulse Type XrL-4p, Class 10.
          Number : 4 banks
          Range  : 220,000 km
          Arcs   : port and starboard forward turrets,
                   port and starboard aft turrets,

     Photon Torpedo Launchers - Mark XLI-m
          Number : 6 tubes, 250 torpedoes.
          Range  : Falcon-Class Photon-Type  : 3,900,000 km
                   Hawk-Class Flux-Type      : 3,200,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward/port, 2 forward/starboard, 2 aft
                   Note: Forward launchers are located about 50 
                   meters aft of the bow.

Deflector System : Hedgehog-Class Conformal Multiphasic type, 
                   Grade 15.

Cloaking Device  : Flickering Candle Plasma Matrix Strategic type.


     6-person, small cargo           : 12
     25-person, Troop movement       : 8
     Cargo, recovery                 : 3

Cargo Bays
     2, ventral access.

Embarked Craft
     Travelpod, 4 man                   : 12
     20 man Troop Carrier               : 16
     Cargo Shuttle                      : 4


According to a number of intelligence sources, the T'liss (WARHAWK) 
Class battlecruiser appears to the primary reason the Romulans were 
able to drive off recent Borg attacks.  Despite the fact that she is 
only about 25% larger than the Morgai-Class heavy cruiser, these ships 
are much more heavily armed.

These ships are reminiscent of the flying wing design used by the 
Romulans over 200 hundred years ago for their original warp capable 
ships.  This kind of design provides ample internal volume for sensors 
and weapon systems.  The warp nacelles are located outboard.

The T'liss-class power plant represents the culmination of a 30 year 
long R&D effort on the part of the Romulans.  She is powered by dual 
quantum singularities.  Early prototypes equipped with dual quantum 
singularities were prone to resonance feedback between them.  
According to intelligence reports, the initial failures were quite 
spectacular.  The projects first major success was about 15 years ago 
with the commissioning of a single, unique light cruiser powered by 
two destroyer rated quantum singularities.

The T'liss-class is powered by two quantum singularities that could 
each provide enough power for a light cruiser, however, unlike the 
prototype, they are specifically designed for her.  The quantum 
singularities are located along the centerline of the hull in a 
forward and aft configuration.  They are located as far apart as 
practical to reduce the chances of subspace resonance between them.  
Each quantum singularity produces enough power for normal ship 
operation, and when both are operational the T'liss produces power 
far in excess of her needs.

The effect of the abundance of power is evident in the design on the 
ship.  She is more heavily armed than any other ship in the Romulan 
arsenal, and would be quite capable of tangling with a Federation 
Dreadnought.  Intelligence reports indicate that at relatively low 
velocities she is able to fire while her cloaking device is 
operational.  Apparently this ability caused the Borg severe problems.
Federation vessels should be able to target such a ship by using the 
weapon discharge point as a reference for the targeting scanners.

The T'liss-class are formidable warships for their size.  Commanders 
of lone Federation ships should carefully consider their alternatives 
before engaging one in armed combat.

Alton J. Reich
CAPT Jacob Miller
COMBATA, TACFLEET - Engineering Liaison