Personal Data:

Name: Jacob Miller
Rank: Captain (O-6)
Billet: Engineering Liason - BATA, TACFLEET
Species:  Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender:  Male
Age:  45  Terran Years 
DOB:  29 June 2365
POB:  New Canaan

Spouse:  Laura Miller (DOB: 2367), SF Rank: LT - Retired
Children:  Rachael (DOB: 2397)
                   Joshua (DOB: 2400)

Physical Description:
HT:  5'10" (178cm); WT: 165 lbs (75kg)
Eyes: Brown; Hair: Black;
Skin:  White
Religion:  Judiasm

Starfleet Record:

(23)870601:  Graduated SF Accademy, Commissioned as Ensign  
             (O-1) and posted to USS TOLEDO (NCC-69275, FRANKLIN 
             Class  DD)
(23)890915:  Promoted to LTJG (O-2) and posted as CEO USS TOLEDO 
             (NCC-69275, FRANKLIN Class DD)
(23)920120:  Transfered to USS ORION (NCC-1996, GALAXY  Class CL) 
             as CEO
(23)930315:  Promoted to LT (O-3)
(23)960427:  Transfered to SF Engineering, assigned to HIRYU
             Class development project
(23)990207:  Promoted to LTCDR (O-4)
(24)010614:  Posted as CEO USS Audacious (NCC-21944,  INVINCIBLE 
             Class BC)
(24)040503:  Promoted to CMDR (O-5), and assigned to SF  Engineering 
             as assistant engineering lead of Project Black Magic
(24)070316:  Assigned as enginerring lead of Project Mirrored Sky
(24)091206:  Promoted to CAPT (O-6)