This webpage's purpose is to provide information about the
 technologies of non-Federation powers, as understood by Star
 Fleet Engineering's Bureau of Alien Technology Assessment 
 (BATA) of Star Fleet Command in ASR (alt.starfleet.rpg), an 
 online role playing universe.  BATA is a bureau within SF 

BATA is headquartered on SB ZETA where analysis of alien technologies is done. Nevertheless, there is a dual chain of command and COMBATA is accountable admistratively directly to COMLOG. For information about Star Fleet technologies and ship specifications, please visit the databases of Star Fleet Engineering.

BATA's databases will eventually include a full array of ship specifications for all major powers, defined as the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Jem'Hadar (Dominion) and the Borg. Minor powers, including the Ferengi, Gorn, Tholians, Horvauk, Dalriada and Fardons, will also be studied.

Readers should be aware that the work is ongoing. Those who are interested in assisting with this project should contact COMBATA. Volunteers should be aware that BATA collaborates closely with Star Fleet Engineering and that enemy ship designs must be consistent with the overall ASR campaign fabric. CAPT Jacob Miller, played by Alton Reich, is BATA's liaison to SF Engineering. Once the ship specifications are complete, BATA's longer range goal is to develop a series of technical memoranda which compare and contrast the various technologies, thereby providing insight into the tactics and strategies employed by various powers. All information provided by this site is supplemental in nature. Its use is by no means compulsory within the ASR universe, but the BATA staff hopes the reader will find it useful. -D'Maris Coffman(aka RADM Ibrahim Ghali), COMBATA December 7, 1998