Class Name        : Vas'tagor-class Destroyer (Approximate Translation:
Flying Talon)
Classification    : Warship
Typical Roles     : Strategic Front Line Attack
SFE Designation   : DD (Destroyer)
Introduced        : 2365
Model Number      : V5
Number in service : 227 (Intelligence Estimate)

Known Registries  : RSE VAS'TAGOR, RSE RA'GEL

Length            : 300 m
Span              :  150 m
Draft             :  60 m
Displacement      : 1,800,000 mt

Total Standard    :  320
Officers          :    20
Crew              :   200
Troops            :   100 (150 Maximum)

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type        : Vas'tagor-Class (Improved) Grade 4 (V3-V5 Refits
     Number       : 2
Main Reactor      : Vas'tagor-Class Quantum Singularity, Grade 8

Impulse System
Drive Type        : Multiple-Vent Vector Impulse Drive, Grade 2
     Number       : 2
Secondary Reactor : Ban'tak-Class Generic Reactor, Grade 6

Velocity (V3-V5 Refits only)
     Standard Cruise Speed    : 7.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed     : 9.2
     Sustainable for 12 hours : 9.5
     Maximum Emergency Speed  : 9.7
     Core Failure Imminent    : 9.90
     Standard Cruise Speed (Cloaked)  : 5.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed  (Cloaked)  : 8.0


 V4 and V5 Refits only
     Phasers, Omnidirectional Crystal Type XrL-4, Class 9.
          Number : 4 banks.
          Range  : 280,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward nose mounted,  2 Aft arrays

Phasers, Pulse Type XrL-4p, Class 10.
          Number : 2 banks.
          Range  : 220,000 km
          Arcs   : Forward port/starboard leading edge arrays

     Photon Torpedo Launchers - Mark XLI-m
          Number : 3 tubes, 100 torpedoes.
          Range  : Falcon-Class Photon-Type  : 3,900,000 km
                   Hawk-Class Flux-Type      : 3,200,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward, 1 aft

V2 and V3 Refits only
Phasers, Omnidirectional Crystal Type XrL-3, Class 8.
          Number : 4 banks.
          Range  : 200,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward nose mounted,  2 Aft arrays

Phasers, Pulse Type XrL-3p, Class 9.
          Number : 2 banks.
          Range  : 180,000 km
          Arcs   : Forward port/starboard leading edge arrays

     Photon Torpedo Launchers - Mark XL
          Number : 3 tubes, 80 torpedoes.
          Range  : Kestral-Class Photon-Type  : 3,100,000 km
          Arcs   : 2 forward, 1 aft

Deflector System : Hedgehog-Class Conformal Multiphasic type, Grade 9
(V5 Refit only)
                            Turtle-Class Prismatic Multiphasic type,
Grade 8 (V2 - V4 Refits only)

Cloaking Device  : Shadow-Class Plasma Matrix Strategic type (V4 and V5
Refits only)
                           Mist-Class Plasma Matrix Strategic type (V1 -
V3 Refits only)


     6-person, small cargo           : 4
     25-person, Troop movement       : 2
     Cargo, recovery                 : 2

Cargo Bays
     1, ventral access.

Embarked Craft
     Travelpod, 4 man                   : 3
     20 man Troop Carrier               : 2
     Cargo Shuttle                      : 1


The venerable Vas'tagor class destroyer has been a component of the
Romulan fleet for more than 40 years.  The design has been upgraded
several times with new weapons and systems.  The V5 version of this
class is still being produced in limited quantities, and it is believed
that a successor is on the drawing boards.  No ships of this class still
remain in service with the V1 hardware configuration.  Most of the ships
in service are at least at the V3 level.

The Vas'tagor class was a slight departure in design from previous ship
classes.  The ship is much more wedge shaped than their designs before
or since.  The ship draws only 60 meters at her aft end, and about 20
meters at the bow.  While the Romulans have not developed other designs
with a similar form, it seems that they were not completely

Early versions of this ship were under powered, and had trouble keeping
up with the larger ships they were designed to escort.  The power
systems were upgraded during the V3 refit leading to a full warp factor
increase in cruising speed.  Weapon systems have also been steadily
upgraded, as new technology has become available.  The configurations
noted in the specs above are typical of ships constructed to a
particular refit level.  There is some variation among ships that were

Alton J. Reich
CAPT Jacob Miller
SFENG, COMBATA - Engineering Liason