NAME:  Schattendrachen, Walter
AGE:   51
SEX:   M
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT:  TACFLEET Bureau of Alien Technology Assessment
CURRENT POSITION:    Executive Officer(BATAXO)	 
RANK:                Commodore
HOMEWORLD:           Terra(Prague, Central European Sector)


SPECIES:    Human
HEIGHT:     1m 66cm
WEIGHT:     68 kg
HAIR:       White
EYES:       Brown
IDENTIFYING MARKS:   Birthmark, right side below ribcage.


CHILDREN:         None

	Father:  Joseph Schattendrachen, owner of the Nautilus 
                 undersea habitat community, off the coast of 

	Mother:  Francesca Schattendrachen(nee Braun), housewife.

	Sibling(s):  Half-sister:(58) Katherine: Painter, living in
		     Half-brother:(56) Jonas: Habitat Director, 
                     Atlantis habitat(in the Nautilus undersea 

	Spouse(s):   MAJ Rosemary Lawson(43), currently serving as 
                     station MCO, SB 164.  Married SD 910723.14, 
                     Divorced 991214.19.  Cited irreconcilible 


	Primary and Secondary education completed in Federation 
        schools in Prague.
	Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, age 22, graduated age 26.
	Graduated from the Academy with an Engineering major.
	Took a 4 month course in Fleet Logistics, offered by 
        Starfleet Academy.
	Speaks German and Federation Standard


	Author(unpublished).  Preferred subject unknown, his writings
are kept largely in secret.


     Stardate 941016.11

	Dr. Katarina Zegrewsky, Counsellor, Starbase 356.

	The Schattendrachens have contacted me in the interests of
getting marriage counselling; as a result of seperate interviews, I 
have compiled these profiles which I believe might have some use in 
their respective personnel files.  I can't imagine either have had a 
full profile drawn up on them recently.

	Lt. Major(Rosemary) Schattendrachen told me that she was 
first drawn to her husband because of his maturity and sophistication;
these are still traits which almost define Walter's external 
appearance.  In stark contrast to the Marines and Engineers which 
make up the staff of this installation, Walter seems quiet and 
reserved; exuding an aura of calm authority.  His apparant serenity 
would seem almost Vulcan, if not coloured by a tendancy towards 
self-effacement and humility.

	It is this humility(that's a clumsy word for it, though.  
Maybe "keen awareness of his frailties" applies better) that defines 
the inner Lieutenant Schattendrachen.  Although by all accounts a 
capable engineer and proficient officer, Walter seems hesitant to 
take command of a situation.  He relies heavily on the advice of his 
subordinates at work; according to Rosemary they virtually lead the 
project under him, in spite of his considerable insight into the 

	Further to this, I have noticed some slight hypochondriac 
tendancies in Walter.  His immaculate personal grooming extends to 
compulsive hand-washing, as well as the light scrubbing of any 
utensil, glass, or plate that he is using to eat or drink.  He has 
carried silk hankerchiefs into my office, worn in his uniform, to rub
clean glasses of water and to serve as a napkin when he eats the 
danishes I offer him.  I think it needless to say that these 
ankerchiefs are never stained.

	I think, without having spent too much time psychoanalyzing 
Lt. Schattendrachen, that most of these insecurities stem from his 
relationship with his father; something he has told me, in fact, a 
great deal about.  It would seem that Walter is estranged from most 
of his family, he only keeps contact with a half-sister who, herself,
keeps only sparing contact with her relatives.  Walter dismisses his 
mother and half-brother with nary a comment, but expresses deep 
hostility towards his father, going so far to describe him as 
"tyrannical, boorish and cruel".  According to Walter, he was 
frequently ridiculed growing up, both for wanting to write and for 
wanting to join Starfleet.  The realization of the latter dream(at 
the expense of working for his father as an accountant) caused the 
rift between the two; they have not spoken since Walter entered the 

*****End Assessment Summary****



No demerits recorded.


961015.18: Recieves, from SB 356 CO, the X-8 Design patch, for his 
           work in leading the X-8 fighter project.

60320.16:  Recieves, from Captain Vroon, a citation of merit for 
           outstanding work in designing a new shuttlecraft interface.
Personal Summary:

	610808:	Born in Prague.
	790630: Employed by Nautilus Undersea Habitats as accounts 
	830902:	Attends Starfleet Academy, against his father's 
	870608: Graduates Starfleet Academy 134 of 468.
        870610: Commissioned at the rank of Ensign
                Assigned to the USS SIR FRANCIS DRAKE as Electronic 
                Materials Assistant.
        880816: Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade
	        Assigned aCEO of the DRAKE
	900123: Transfers to SB 356(fighter testing range)  Assigned 
                chief of sensor repair and maintenance.
        900620: Promoted to Lieutenant.
        900713: 1LT Rosemary Lawson is transferred to SB 356 as a 
                fighter test pilot.
        910723: Rosemary and Walter are married.
        930512: Lt. Schattendrachen is assigned to the X-8 fighter 
                design project.
        940820: Assumes control of the X-8 project.
        961015: Promoted to LCDR, following the successful prototype 
                flight of the X-8.
        961018: Transfers to SB ZETA to design new shuttlecraft. His 
                wife remains behind.
        970412: L-MAJ Lawson assigned to the 32nd MTFW as 2nd Officer and
        991214: Walter and Rosemary finalize their divorce.
         60320: Commended for outstanding work in designing a new 
                interface for use in shuttlecraft.
         60515: Proposal to implement new interface in existing 
                shuttlecraft is accepted.
         60517: Promoted to Commander.
         90518: Returns to Terra for Logistics training.
         90923: Graduates from SF Fleet Logistics. 
	 90925: Promoted to Captain, offered a position at SFLOG, but
         90930: Takes six month leave of absence.
        100330: Returns to active duty.
        100405: Accepts the post of BLUELOG.
	100728: Promoted to Commodore.
	100801: Reassigned as BLUEOPS.
 	100925: Blue Fleet dissolved. Reassigned to SB 177(currently 
                engaged in reverse-engineering found alien 
                technologies) as station CO.
	101209: Reassigned as BATAXO.