Class Name       : SPECTRE
Classification   : Warship
Type             : BC (Battlecruiser)
Model Number     : I
Number in Service: 250 (estimated)
Designations     :

Length           : 540 m
Beam             : 325 m
Draft            : 110 m
Displacement     : 5,600,000 mt

Total Standard   : 1,000 
Vorta            :    10    
Jem 'Hadar       :   990     
  Officers       :    70
  Dedicated Crew :   400
  Shock Troops   :   520

Supraluminal Propulsion System
Drive Type       : DOM-Dr-BC
     Number      : 2
Main Reactor     : DOM-Reac-BC

Sublight System
Drive Type       : DOM-Thr-BC
     Number      : 4
Secondary Reactor: DOM-Reac2-BC

Velocity (scaled to Federation warp factors - estimated)
     Standard Cruise Speed   : 6.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed    : 8.7
     Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.0
     Maximum Emergency Speed : 9.3
     Core Failure Immenent   : 9.5

     Polaron Beam Emitter 
          Number : 8
          Range  : 275,000 km
          Arcs   : 6 forward/port/starboard firing, 2 aft firing

     Heavy Polaron Emitter
          Number : 6 
          Range  : 250,000 km
          Arcs   : 4 forward/port/starboard firing, 2 aft firing
     Plasma Cannons
          Number : 1
          Range  : 200,000
          Arcs   : 1 forward

     Compressed Plasma Missiles 
          Number : 6 launchers
          Range  : 4,000,000
          Arcs   : 4 forward firing, 2 aft firing

Deflector System : DOM-Def-BC

Transporters (folded space)
     Standard, 10-man    : 12
     Combat, 20-man      : 10
     Cargo               :  6

Shuttle Bays     :  2

Embarked Craft (Standard, estimated, specific ships may vary)
     Boarding craft          : 20
     Heavy dropships         :  4
     Shuttlepods             : 10
     Heavy Tank              :  1
     Medium Tank             :  2


        The SPECTRE-class Battlecruiser is a very dangerous ship.  
It is not only armed with an impressive array of weapons, but also 
has decent maneuverability and defensive systems.

        First seen at SBOG, these ships proved themselves to be 
capable opponents in combat, and about the slight inferior of an
AGAMEMNON-class battlecruiser.  What is most frightening is that the
Dominion reportedly has between 200 and 300 of these craft.

        As with the LICH, the ships have all fields of fire covered, 
but leave the aft portion of the ship to be relatively undergunned 
when compared with the forward, port, and starboard arcs.  Yet, these
craft are certainly not unarmed in the rear.  Nevertheless, as with 
the LICH-class BB, commanders in combat with these vessels are 
encouraged to stay astern of the SPECTRE.

        The SPECTRE mounts the full complement of Dominion weaponry,
including the fierce plasma cannon.  While the maximum power output 
of this beam is roughly 75% of that of the phaser cannon on an 
AGAMEMNON, it seems to have a slightly greater firing rate, and, 
like the AGAMEMNON, a dedicated power system.

        In addition to the standard offensive weaponry, the SPECTRE 
carries 3 tanks and an assortment of biological weapons.  Further, 
the boarding craft used to capture or sabotage enemy ships can easily
serve as  air superiority fighters, as each of these shuttles are 

[note:  see LICH-class BB specifications for more details on 
shuttles, dropships, biologicals, and boarding tactics]

        The SPECTREs will be seen at times in a LICH-class 
battleship's standard screen, but will also serve independently of 
these craft, in flagship positions of their own.  In these cases, 
there will be a consort of WRAITH, PHANTOM, and ZOMBIE-class vessels 
accompanying the SPECTRE.  Under only the rarest circumstances will 
these ships be found alone.

        It is rumored that the SPECTRE was developed to help combat 
the Borg, as ships smaller and more maneuverable than the LICH, but 
still with impressive firepower were needed to supplement the 

        SPECTRE-class BCs are found in all areas of the Dominion, and
are involved in missions including blockades, planetary bombardments,
patrols, coordinated military maneuvers, and shows-of-force.