TACFLEET Klingon Fleet Memoranda: Information File.

The TACFLEET memoranda on Klingon vessels differ to standard 
StarFleet Engineering descriptions.  Klingon vessels are usually 
termed 'cruisers', no matter what their size.  A more meaningful term
is applied by TACFLEET's Classification.

Generally, ships perform specific roles, even if only in battle
configuration.  Typical roles are listed under the vessels generic

Also included is the equivalent StarFleet Engineering designation 
were the vessel to be classed in StarFleet code parlance (FF, DD, CA,
etc.) This is based on power, weaponry, size, mass and crew.

Generic classes of spaceframe house many different refits of the 
vessel.  Structures are given a letter code, and refit is denoted by 
a number.  For example, a H2 is the first refit of the Qa'teq-class.
A G10 is the ninth refit of a K'Vort.  Note that the Klingon 
Engineering Task Force have seen fit to apply the G12 code to the 
first QoghvaQ-class, in order to honour  its ancestor, the Q'vort.

Also note that the Q'vort is often referred to phonetically, 
(K'Vort) as are many Klingon Vessel names.  Approximate 'Anglicised' 
pronunuciations for the current classes are: 

    Qa'teq   - Ka'tek
    Q'vort   - K'Vort
    QoghvaQ  - Korvak
    Vor'cha  - Vor'cha
    DujHoH   - Dujkhokh
    Negh'var - Negh'var

With warp propulsion systems, TACFLEET use the KETF designation of 
type, but an independant grading of the drive.   Reactor cores are 
classified in much the same way, the grading is roughly the sum of 
the grades of the coils.

Again, impulse units are similarly designated and classed.  Drive 
types also have a basic description of confuration; Klingon vessels 
use various methods of impulse drive technology.  Reactor grading 
follows thruster grade closely, and the difference between the values
can be used to estimate whether a ship is quick or sluggish in 
sublight performance.

Klingon weaponry varies widely across the fleet.  TACFLEET uses a
classification system roughly equivalent to the SFE deisngation for
phasers.  A Class 9 disruptor is similar to a Type-IX phaser, found 
on larger freighters and small patrol corvettes.  As a rule, Klingon 
beam weapons are lower in specific output but have better endurance 
for the physical size of unit.  A Qa'teq Bird-of-Prey can go on 
firing long after a small corvette would have run out of stored power
or recharge capability.

There are three generic types of Klingon M/AM torpedo in use 
currently.  Older ships can still be found using the venerable 
peng'otlh-class torpedo, a veteran of many decades service.  Newer 
vessels are equipped with two new types, the short range 
to'peng-class, and the longer range quantum flux Duppeng-class.  Both
weapons are extremely potent, the to'peng being a compact photon 
device with a high-yield charge, but a short range due to this.  Used
at close quarters from a suddenly decloaked ship, they are extremely 

The Dupeng does not have the range of the Mk III flux, but is equally as
powerful.  Latest intelligence suggests that the ability to launch
these new torpedo classes while cloaked does -not- exist.

Cooperation with the Klingon Empire and KETF has brought forth 
generic specifications for Klingon cloaking devices.  The technology 
used is well known, and intelligence has matched basic designs to 
specific ship types.  Both tactical and strategic cloaking systems 
are mentioned and commented on in specific class notes.

TACFLEET Klingon Support Craft Notes.

Support craft are gaining favour in KETF designs and now even the 
latest Bird-of-Prey, the QoghvaQ-Class, has a fair array of vehicles.
The advantages of specialist designs for battle has been capitalised 
upon, and larger vessels can carry fleets of offensive craft.

   Designation : Su'tep-Class
          Type : Cargo shuttle.
         Roles : Salvage, rescue, trading.
  Accomodation : Two flight crew, one auxiliary.
   Power Plant : Class B Small Fusion Reactor Unit.
    Propulsion : 2 2,500 millicochrane warp engines.
                 2 Throttle-type Impulse Engines.
        Length : 12.0m
     Beam/Span :  5.1m
         Draft :  2.9m
          Mass :  6.1mt (empty)
Velocity/Range : Warp 2.0 for 48 hours.
      Armament : 2 Class 6 omnidirectional crystal phase disruptors.
                 1 forward-mounted, 1 aft-mounted.

The large Su'tep-Class shuttles can be configured in a number of 
ways.  As standard, they are a large, powerful two-man cargo shuttle,
with multiple fusion reactors and impressive weaponry in comparison 
to Federation shuttles.  In general, the auxiliary crew member is a 
mission specialist.  All larger ships carry Su'tep, and they are a 
common sight ferrying cargo throughout the Klingon Empire.

   Designation : Su'negh-Class
          Type : Personnel shuttle.
         Roles : Troop movement, Diplomatic courier.
  Accomodation : Two flight crew, twenty passengers.
   Power Plant : Class B Small Fusion Reactor Unit.
    Propulsion : 2 2,500 millicochrane warp engines.
                 2 Throttle-type Impulse Engines.

Little modification is required to change the Su'tep into the 
Su'negh-Class personnel shuttle.  Klingons find little need for 
'creature comforts', and only when outfitted for diplomatic use does
the craft possess anything close to the comfort of a standard 
Federation shuttle.  

   Designation : Su'noch-Class
          Type : Mobile tactical craft command and refuelling tanker.
         Roles : Covert forward deployment of small craft, refuelling 
                 drone, ultra-long range personnel shuttle.
  Accomodation : Two flight crew, three auxiliary personnel.
   Power Plant : Class C Small Fusion Reactor Unit.
    Propulsion : 2 2,500 millicochrane warp engines.
                 2 Throttle-type Impulse Engines.
        Length : 12.0m
     Beam/Span :  5.1m
         Draft :  2.9m
          Mass :  7.4mt (empty)
Velocity/Range : Warp 2.0 for 36 hours or 90 weeks using refuelling 
      Armament : 2 Class 6 omnidirectional crystal phase disruptors.
                 1 forward-mounted, 1 aft-mounted.

Su'noch-Class shuttles are fitted with a small tactical analysis 
computer and refuelling equipment.  The rest of the cargo hold is 
dedicated to deuterium slush tanks and a cryosystem.  A five-man crew
can co-ordinate and refuel as many as twelve jach Interceptors, and 
even serve as a temporary carrier by towing craft using tractor 
emitters.  Configured as a long-range shuttle, the craft can utilise 
the refuelling tank and carry five personnel for almost two years at 
warp 2.  Extremely cramped personnel bunks suggest this is not a 
primary design objective.

   Designation : jach-Class
          Type : Orbital/Atmospheric Superiority Craft.
         Roles : Interception and Attack.
  Accomodation : One or Two
   Power Plant : Class E Small Fusion Reactor Matrix.
    Propulsion : 2 >3,000 millicochrane warp engines.
                 4 Vectored Thrust Impulse Engines.
        Length : 8.2m
     Beam/Span : 8.0m
         Draft : 2.0m
          Mass : 9.1mt
Velocity/Range : Warp 3.0 for 24 hours.
      Armament : 2 wing mounted forward firing Class 7 disruptor 

The jach-Class Interceptors are comparable to the ARROW type fighters
used by StarFleet.  They are fast, light, cloakable two-man craft 
with forward swept anhedral/tip dihedral wings, fitted with Class 7 
phase disruptor cannons.  They can warp, but their primary task is to
fight, and fuel for such voyages is limited.

   Designation : Mogh-Class
          Type : Runabout. (Cloak-capable)
         Roles : Scout, reconnaissance, diplomatic.
  Accomodation : Ten, maximum thirty.
   Power Plant : Class jRB M/AM Dilithium Mediated Reactor.
    Propulsion : 2 Class jRB Inboard mounted warp coil array.
                 4 Vectored Thrust Impulse Engines.
        Length : 33.2m
     Beam/Span : 18.0/38.6m
         Draft :  9.8m
          Mass : 2,150mt
Warp Velocities
             Cruise : 5.0
     Maximum Cruise : 8.0
           12 hours : 8.85 or 9.0
      Armament : 2 wing mounted forward firing Class 8 disruptor 
                 Compact non-warp-accelerated to'peng torpedo 

Mogh-Class Runabouts are elegant warp capable craft, reminiscent of 
the Klingon Raptor, the meH'Sagh.  Sharp, flat, with strong stubby 
wings, these craft are becoming popular with young Klingon 
Ambassadors and Family Heads as personal transports, and can often be
seen in Federation space.

The ships are large and fast for runabouts, and have an absolute 
maximum warp of 9 for short ranges.  However, the power boost 
required to pass the warp 9 peak transitional surge will damage a 
core such that overhaul or replacement is necessary, and hence most 
cruise at warp 8, boosting to 8.8 when required.

The armament is again, as befits a Kligon craft, with a to'peng 
torpedo launcher accompanying class 8 disruptors.  This compact 
launcher will fire at sublight or warp, but is unable to accelerate 
torpedoes to warp velocities from sublight speeds.

    Mark Fox.
=^= Commander Darius Cannell,
    Executive Officer, Starfleet Engineering.