90130  90201.1700  90301.1724  90317.2235

Class Name        : Vor'cha-class Attack Cruiser.
Classification    : Warship
Typical Roles     : Strategic Front Line Attack.
SFE Designation   : CA (Heavy Cruiser)
Introduced        : 2345
Model Number      : V3
Number in service : 180

Known Registries  : I.K.C. Bortas, I.K.C. Maht-H'a
                    I.K.C. Qu'Vat, I.K.C. Toh'Kaht.
Length            : 555 m
Span              : 230 m
Draft             : 102 m
Displacement      : 5,900,000 mt

Total Standard    : 1,160
Officers          :    60
Crew              :   600
Troops            :   500 (1,200 Maximum non-stasis life support)

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type        : Vor'cha-Class Variant Grade 6.
     Number       : 2
Main Reactor      : Vor'cha-Class Dilithium M/AM Reactor, Grade 12.

Impulse System
Drive Type        : toQvo'wI'-Class Multiple-Vent Vector Type, 
                    Grade 3.
     Number       : 3
Secondary Reactor : vor'chaghor-Class Generic Operations, Grade 9.

Velocity (V3 Refit only)
     Standard Cruise Speed    : 6.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed     : 9.0
     Sustainable for 12 hours : 9.3
     Maximum Emergency Speed  : 9.5
     Core Failure Imminent    : 9.65

     Phase Disruptors, Pulse Type, Class 10 Power Output.
          Number : 6
          Range  : 250,000 km
          Arcs   : Aft hemispherical twin cannon turret,
                   2 port pylon forward firing, 50 degree conical 
                   2 starboard pylon forward firing, 50 degree 
                   conical arc.
     Phase Disruptors, Omnidirectional Crystal Type, Class 10.
          Number : 10 banks.
          Range  : 300,000 km
          Arcs   : 8 'rapid-fire' arrays, port/starboard nose mounted,
                   Aft port/starboard pylon trailing edge arrays.

     Photon Torpedo Launchers
          Number : 10 tubes, 250 torpedoes.
          Range  : peng'otlh-Class Photon-Type  : 2,700,000 km
          Arcs   : 4 forward, 2 aft
                   Port/starboard pylon forward, Port/starboard pylon aft.

Deflector System : SurghwI'-Class Conformal Multiphasic type, Grade 

Cloaking Device  : ghomSo'wI'-Class Plasma Matrix Strategic type.


     6-person, small cargo           : 6
     25-person, Troop movement       : 6
     Cargo, recovery                 : 2

Cargo Bays
     1, ventral access.
Embarked Craft
     Travelpod, 4 man                   : 8
     Su'negh-Class 20 man Troop Carrier : 12
     Su'tep-Class Cargo Shuttle         : 2
     Mogh-Class Runabout                : 1 (V3 refit only.)


When the decision has been made and a strike fleet is ordered to 
pounce, the first Klingon Defense Force 'Big Gun' to arrive on the 
scene is the Vor'cha-class attack cruiser.

For around thirty years the largest vessel in the KDF, the record of 
the Vor'cha is exemplary.  It has matured into a strike vessel of 
great capability.  Tough and compact, it is able to take tremendous 
punishment and even structural breaches, and yet still fight on, 
bestow honour on its crew and return home victorious.

The basic design of the Vor'cha is now, however, dated.  The class is
due for a refit, certainly to retrofit new torpedo systems.  If not
underpowered, the ship is slow, and the only glitch in the service 
record of the class is a poor warp-coil reliability, possibly due to 
impatient Captains wanting to run the vessels at higher and higher 
stillwarp velocities.

On the other hand, the ship is capable at sublight, and is well armed
for her size, a match even for recent CA designs from SFE drawing 
boards.  Tough to break at any point, the Vor'cha array of weaponry 
is well thought out, even though at first it seems random.  The 
forward disruptor clusters are small yet have fast cycle times.  
The ship can bring to four of these clusters to bear on a ship 
anywhere in the forward hemisphere, and then rotate fire between them
to 'dimple' a single point on an enemies shields.  In its day, this 
was devastatingly effective, and now, the brand new DujHoH-class 
Battlecruiser is thought to apply similar tactical software with more
powerful weapons.

Latest intelligence suggests heavy subspace sensor probing of the 
area at close range to a cloaked Vor'cha will reveal limitations of 
the strategic cloak.  Similar probing of the same cloak in its 
Negh'var configuration suggests no such weak points.  TACFLEET/SFE 
preliminary findings suggest this is a hull structure design flaw, 
but it is expected the V4 variant will be as invisible as its 
Negh'var cousin.

    Mark Fox.
=^= Commander Darius Cannell,
    Executive Officer, Starfleet Engineering.