United Federation of Planets 

Department of Colonial Affairs 



This webpage's purpose is to provide information about the colony worlds of the United Federation of Planets and its members, as they interact with ASR  (alt.starfleet.rpg), an online role playing universe.  UFPDOCA  is a part of the government of the United Federation of Planets.   The Secretary for Colonial Affairs is Dr. Thomas Quinn Coleman, PhD, and is played by Marc Johnson  The Deputy Secretary for Colonial Affairs is Dr. Wei Yat Sen, and is played by D'Maris Coffman. 

The Department of Colonial Affairs is a cabinet level department of the government of the United Federation of Planets, headquartered along with the other government departments in Paris, France, Earth (Sol III). The Secretary is appointed by the President of the Federation, and confirmed by the Federation Council.  As such, the Secretary for Colonial Affairs reports directly to the CINCSF within ASR. 

UFPDOCA is charged with the oversight of colonial development by Federation member worlds, in an attempt to avoid disputes and provide aid and support to all parties involved in colonial development. UFPDOCA supervises the various stages of colonial development, and keeps an extensive database of colony worlds. UFPDOCA is involved in nearly all stages of colonial development by Federation  member worlds, includeing (but not limited to): surveying, initial establishment, resource allocation, dispute mediation, and conflict resolution. UFPDOCA also serves as a liaison between the Federation government, colony worlds, member planets/systems, and development corporations. 

DOCA has been given the task of indexing the various colonies in use by players throughout ASR. Over the years, many players have created colony worlds of the Federation, either for their characters, or for various missions. By creating an index of these worlds, DOCA will be creating a resource for all players to use in the future, for a multitude of purposes.%nbsp;

What is ASR?

Alt.Starfleet.Rpg (or ASR) is a Usenet newsgroup on the Internet. Using email and Usenet, ASR players create an interactive fiction universe based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, extrapolated approximately 40 years after the end of the series. Players create characters and, along with other players, develop stories set around starships, starbases, and the various beings that inhabit both. ASR was founded in 1992, and has grown to nearly 50 distinct role-playing units, organized into five fleets and one ancillary (so called, "free thread") group, involving over 250-300 players, and is continuing to grow and prosper.

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These pages were created by Trevin Sandlin on 14 December 1998. The author has borrowed parts of the text and design from pages developed by Takako Nagumo and and D'Maris Coffman.